1 Gbps Internet – Plans, Prices & Benefits of the Fastest Available Internet!

1 Gbps internet is the fastest internet available in India. This means that it can offer an extremely high download and upload speed of up to 1000 megabits per second, without any interruptions. Currently, 1 Gbps internet plans are provided by various broadband service providers in the country including Airtel, Jio, Spectra, ACT Fibernet, etc.
Last updated in: November 2022

These suppliers offer a wide array of options with prices ranging from ₹2,499 to ₹8,499. This article will present all the information related to these offers, including the most important criteria such as price, speed, customer reviews, and more. For each criteria, we will also give our personal recommendation and breakdown of each available plan to provide you with the latest and the best information.

The world of the internet has evolved at a rapid pace over the years. The latest addition to the offerings of internet speeds is the 1 Gbps internet connection. It is by far the fastest and the most efficient internet connection. A decade ago, if you would ask someone about 1 Gbps of internet usage on a regular basis, they would be astonished merely thinking about it.

Well, here we are in 2021 where 1 Gbps internet has become of common use at workplaces and even at homes for people who love to stream and play HD games.

In this article we are going to share all the relevant information regarding 1 Gbps internet in India. We will also be sharing:

  • List of 1 Gbps broadband providers
  • Various 1 Gbps plans and benefits
  • Customer care reviews for broadband companies
  • Cost of getting a 1 Gbps internet plan
  • Comparison between different internet speeds


What is the best 1Gbps internet plan?

There are various factors that go into making a 1 Gbps plan the best one as every other provider has something to offer its customers. Whether it’s providing high-speed internet, free multiple subscriptions to in-demand OTT platforms, or offering the plans at the cheapest price, the definition of the best plan could differ from individual to individual.

Internet service providers (ISP) offer broadband plans at varying speeds, but the 1 Gbps internet plans are the most advanced ones to date… ISP’s offering 1 Gbps internet speed is a feat in itself and on top of that, to be the best at providing what’s best out there is another achievement.

Let’s have a look at the best 1 Gbps internet plans available in India.

1 Gbps Plans
Name of the provider Plan name Average Download speed Price in ₹/month Main benefits
Airtel Logo Airtel VIP Up to 1 Gbps
₹ 3,999
  • Zee 5 Premium
  • Amazon Prime video
  • etc
ACT Logo ACT Giga Up to 1 Gbps ₹ 2,999
  • Netflix
  • Hungama
  • Sony Liv
Spectra Logo Spectra 1Gbps Up to 1 Gbps ₹2,499
  • Video call & data sharing
  • Stream 4K videos on OTT platforms
Jio_Logo Jio Platinum Up to 1 Gbps ₹3,999
  • Free Voice Calling
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • 12 other OTT Platforms
MTNL Logo MTNL 1 Gbps Plan Up to 1 Gbps ₹2,900
  • No Add-on Benefits

What is the cheapest 1Gbps internet plan? As per price segment.

One of the main criteria to identify the cheapest 1 Gbps internet plan is through the price offered by different internet service providers. Therefore, we compared all the different offers for you.

Cheapest 1 Gbps Internet Plan
Name of the Supplier Name of the Offer FUP Limit Price in Rs/month
Spectra Logo Spectra 1 Gbps 1,000 GB ₹2,499
MTNL Logo FTH 2990 3,000 GB ₹2,990
Act_Logo ACT Giga 3500 GB ₹2,999 (Chennai) and ₹5,999 (Bengaluru & Hyderabad)

The other internet service providers offering 1 Gbps internet plans are:

  • Airtel → Airtel Xstream VIP Plan (₹3999)
  • Jio →Jio Fiber 1 Gbps (₹3999)
  • Tata Sky → Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps (₹3600)

Switcheroo’s Observation:
Spectra Broadband is one of the first companies to launch 1 Gbps plans in India. Also, Spectra happens to have the cheapest 1 Gbps broadband plan in India, priced at just ₹2,499.
With that said, Spectra is able to achieve the affordable price tag at the expense of the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit.

What is the fastest 1Gbps internet plan?

When it comes to the data speed that is promised by the internet service providers, almost all of them claim to have a symmetrical download and upload speed of 1 Gbps. However, the speed varies due to factors such as location, condition and quality of the wifi router, etc.

Fastest 1 Gbps Internet Plan
Name of the Supplier Name of the Offer Avg. Download Speed Avg. Upload Speed
Airtel Logo Airtel Xstream Fiber 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Jio Logo Jio Fiber Up to 1 Gbps Up to 1 Gbps
Spectra Logo Spectra 1 Gbps Up to 1 Gbps Up to 1 Gbps


Switcheroo’s advice
Jio is the fastest broadband network provider in India with the highest ratings in Q4 of 2020, according to network speed tracker Ookla’s latest findings. Jio had the fastest mean download speed over fixed broadband among India’s top providers during Q4 2020.
Jio also had the highest rating at 3.7 stars and the only positive NPS. ACT was second for download speed over fixed broadband, Airtel third and Excitel being fourth.

Where are the 1 Gbps plans available?

There are multiple sources online where 1 Gbps plans are available. One can directly find out the details and purchase a 1 Gbps plan from the website of any of the internet service providers (ISP)

There are websites, such as ours, that compile and compare the best of information on 1 Gbps plans that help a customer get the most information on one single platform.
To know more regarding the 1 Gbps plans and any information related to it, you can fill in the form with your contact details and our representative will contact you soon.

Also, there are payment websites/applications such as PayTM, Amazon Pay, Freecharge, etc where one can simply browse through plans and purchase them instantly.

Which plan offers the best data limit?

The major internet service providers (ISP) in India offer monthly 1Gbps internet plans with ‘unlimited’ high-speed data.

Plans offering the best data limit
Name of the Supplier Name of the Offer Data Plans FUP Limit Price in Rs/month
Act Fibernet logo ACT Giga Act Fibernet Unlimited 1 Gbps Up to 3500 GB ₹2,999
Jio logo Jio Platinum Unlimited 1 Gbps Up to 3000 GB ₹3,999
Airtel Logo Airtel VIP Plan Unlimited 1 Gbps Up to 3300 GB ₹3,999

However, it is worth noting that while both Jio Fiber and Airtel promise to offer “unlimited” high-speed data, the maximum limit per month is capped at 3,300GB and 3,333GB respectively.

On the other hand, ACT’s 1Gbps plan has a monthly cap of 3500 GB and whenever that is fully utilised, the internet speed will drop down to 5 Mbps. In technical terms, these companies do have a data limit in their “unlimited” offerings because the data limit they’ve set is usually quite high and most users don’t manage to exhaust that limit.

Wondering how much data is 3500 GB and if that is going to be enough for your usage?
To put that into perspective, 3500 GB per month is equivalent to having approximately 116 GB per day.
Let’s say you’re streaming an HD film on Netflix on your laptop or a smart TV. Streaming an HD film takes up to 3 GB per hour. So you can watch 19 films a day, EVERYDAY for a month and then you might just reach your data limit of 3500 GB.

What provider offers the best customer service?

Customer service in today’s times is as important as any other service offered by major companies, especially when it comes to the telecommunication industry. We decided to take a look at the list of providers with the best customer service. Here are the results based on reviews collected from mouthshut.com, India’s largest review platform.

The reason why the overall ratings aren’t that impressive is because of various possible factors:

  • Stiff competition between providers
  • Ease of switching for users between various internet service providers
  • Disappointing customer service

Providers with the best customer service
Name of the Supplier Name of the Offer Overall Rating (out of 5*)
Airtel Logo Airtel Xstream Fiber 2.23
Act Fibernet logo ACT 1.58

What provider offers the best benefits?

Most companies have something additional to offer when one subscribes to their broadband plans, mainly in the form of free subscriptions to various OTT platforms.


Broadband providers with most add-on benefits
Name of the Supplier Name of the Offer Price in Rs/month Customer Benefits OTT Benefits
Jio logo Jio Platinum ₹3999
  • Free 4K set top box
  • Free installation
  • 24×7 customer helpline
  • Subscriptions to Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney + Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • Zee 5 Premium and 7 others
Airtel Logo Airtel VIP Plan ₹3999
  • 24×7 Customer care
  • Free advanced router
  • Unlimited calling
  • Wynk Music
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Zee 5 Premium
  • and Amazon Prime Video
Spectra Logo Spectra 1 Gbps ₹2499
  • Video calling & data sharing
  • Free Google Chromecast
  • Free Amazon Fire TV stick
  • Hungama premium pack worth ₹1080
  • ALTBalaji Premium subscription

Airtel 1Gbps plan gives you a free subscription to platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 Premium, Disney + Hotstar and Airtel Xstream Premium. Airtel VIP plan is known to have more data benefit compared to the rest of its competitors.

But in terms of the bundled benefits, Jio Fiber tops the list with the most number of free subscriptions and discounts. With the JioFiber 1 Gbps monthly plan, you will get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLiv, ZEE5, Voot, ALTBalaji, JioSaavn, and many more!


Switcheroo’s Recommendation on 1Gbps Internet plans

Opting for a 1 Gbps internet package comes with a lot of benefits but also comes at a higher price. They’re ideal for office use where multiple devices will be connected to the internet for various purposes almost on a daily basis.

There are various options out there to choose from which gives you an advantage of opting for a plan that suits you best, depending on your requirements and interest. If you’re interested in high-speed internet, we suggest you go for Jio Fiber or Airtel Xstream Fiber. But if you’re interested in an economical plan with a huge amount of data limit, Spectra’s 1Gbps plan could be ideal in that case.

Last but not the least, if 1 Gbps internet plans seem too much for you, don’t worry. There are always other plans available by the same set of providers at different prices.


Top alternative high-speed internet broadband plans in India

1 Gbps is undoubtedly the fastest internet speed on the market but it may not be ideal for everyone’s use. Especially in cases of individuals or a small family with limited usage of the internet at home. Here are some of the high-speed internet alternatives to 1 Gbps internet plans offered by various internet service providers:

Alternative high-speed broadband plans
Service Provider Data Speed Price in Rs/month
Airtel Logo Unlimited Up to 300 Mbps ₹1499
Jio logo Unlimited Up to 300 Mbps ₹1499
Jio logo Unlimited Up to 500 Mbps ₹2499
BSNL Logo 4000 GB Up to 300 Mbps ₹1499
Act Fibernet logo Unlimited 300 Mbps ₹1249
Tata Sky Broadband Logo Unlimited 500 Mbps ₹2300

What is 1 Gbps Internet and how can I get it?

1Gbps a.k.a 1,000Mbps, or 1000 Megabits per second, is a really really fast internet speed. The fastest one out there in the market. Most of the top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of the country are already offering users internet connections of up to 1 Gbps.

1 Gbps internet speed has made things seem possible that weren’t experienced until a few years ago. Connecting multiple users without hampering the internet speed, streaming videos in 4K UHD, cloud backup with ease and high-download speeds are some of the key features, to begin with.
Most other internet services have faster download speeds but slower upload speeds. With gigabit speeds, uploads and downloads are usually equally fast.

In order to get a 1 Gbps internet plan, you can browse through multiple broadband service providers offering this package and choose what suits you the best. For that, you don’t need to go anywhere else. We have compiled all the necessary information that you may be looking for, regarding the 1 Gbps plans in India.


What does 1 Gbps internet mean?

Gbps stands for ‘gigabit per second’. It’s a measure of speed commonly used by internet service providers to demonstrate how fast their internet plans can transmit data. Currently, Gigabit internet is the fastest speed offered to customers around the country.


The technology:

Gigabit internet service is best delivered through fiber-optic lines. This is the fastest broadband service widely available, where data is transmitted as beams of laser light through fiber-optic cables. It works much more efficiently than using copper wires for digital subscriber line (DSL) internet connections, which most people have now.

Fiber optic cables have proven to be better than copper cables in multiple aspects such as speed, reach, durability, security, and technology. Fiber is the only internet type that can deliver gigabit uploads. Although cable providers can get you gigabit downloads, the uploading will be way slower, usually around 20–50 Mbps.
Therefore, all you need to make sure is that your home has a fiber optic cable and a good quality wifi router, and you’re good to go!

Launch of Gbps Internet speed in India:

In 2017, Indian broadband service provider ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies) announced that it was launching 1 Gbps connection for users in the country. The first city to get a 1 Gbps internet connection in India was Hyderabad, which is a major hub for IT businesses.

Since then, things have only been going upward in terms of internet facilities in India. Over the recent years, the technology has been rolled out throughout the country amongst the vast majority of metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, and more.

Can you get 1Gbps internet speed in your city?

You can get 1 Gbps internet if a broadband service provider offering gigabit speeds operates in your area and if your equipment and Wi-Fi device is compatible with handling gigabit speeds. On most websites, there’s also an option of filling in your contact information which will be followed by one of the company’s representatives calling you and discussing all the necessary details regarding the availability of 1 Gbps internet speed in your city.

Currently, most of the metropolitan cities in India have access to 1 Gbps internet connection. Based on the average download speed in each city, pulling data from both Akamai and Ookla, the top 5 cities with the fastest internet speeds in India are:

  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • New Delhi
  • Bengaluru
  • Mumbai

Why opt for 1Gbps internet?

When you opt for 1gbps of internet, the possibilities are endless. Gigabit internet is so fast that it can handle almost anything a customer wants to do online. Already existing tasks also improve drastically in their performance.

  • Connecting multiple users without hampering the internet speed.
  • Streaming videos in 4K UHD.
  • Cloud backup with ease.
  • Downloads at a super-fast speed.
  • Online gaming without any hassle.

These are some of the main advantages of using 1 Gbps internet. There’s a comparison table to understand better the differences between various Mbps connections and Gbps connection:

Comparison between Mbps and Gbps connection
Internet Speed 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)
Ideal for Medium to heavy internet usage Heavy internet usage Heavy internet usage
Number of home devices More than 5 devices More than 15 devices More than 20 devices
Main uses
  • 4K streaming simultaneously on 2-3 devices
  • Usual internet activities
  • Video conferencing
  • 4K streaming simultaneously on multiple devices
  • Online gaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Usual internet activities
  • Multiple smart-home devices (simultaneously)
  • 4K streaming simultaneously on multiple devices
  • Non-buffering online gaming
  • HD Video-conferencing
  • High speed internet activities
  • Multiple smart-home devices (simultaneously)
Internet connection type Cable Internet (DOCSIS 3.0), Fiber Optic, 4G/5G cellular Cable Internet (DOCSIS 3.0), Fiber Optic, 4G/5G cellular Cable Internet (DOCSIS 3.1), Fiber Optic, 4G/5G cellular
Price range (in ₹) ₹1,000 – ₹1,500 ₹2,000 – ₹2,500 ₹2,500 – ₹8,500

What alternatives exist for fast internet in India?

Alternatives for fast internet speed come in different plans and packages provided by multiple companies. A customer can opt for internet speed from 100 Mbps all the way to 1 Gbps depending on his/her need. The term broadband refers to high-speed Internet access that is usually always on and comparably faster than traditional dial-up access. There are various kinds of high-speed broadband internet technologies available:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL): DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data faster over traditional copper telephone lines already installed at homes and offices. DSL-based broadband provides transmission speeds ranging from several hundred Kbps to Mbps.

  • Cable Broadband: A cable connection can be bought from your local cable company. With a simple cable modem installation, the same lines that deliver audio and video to your television set will also deliver internet access to your computers. Cable broadband is much faster than DSL in terms of speed. Speeds for cable internet can vary on a wide range, anywhere up to 940 Mbps for downloading and up to 50 Mbps for uploading, on average.

  • Fiber Broadband: Telecom companies as well as cable companies both offer fiber broadband internet connections in most markets. While fiber internet connections are becoming more common and more affordable, fiber may not be available everywhere in the country, especially in the rural parts. Fiber-optic cable is made up of transparent glass fibers about 125 microns in diameter, or slightly larger than a human hair.
    Transmitting data as light, fiber broadband offers an incredible speed up to and exceeding 1 Gbps. Compared to all broadband internet connections, fiber broadband is by far the fastest.

  • Wireless Broadband: Wireless broadband connects a home or business to the Internet using a radio link between the customer’s location and the service provider’s facility. It is not the same thing as wi-fi.
    Wireless broadband can be mobile or fixed and are used primarily in remote areas where telephone and cable lines are not usually present.

  • Satellite Broadband: Satellite broadband is another form of wireless broadband and is also useful for serving remote or sparsely populated areas. They are generally slower than DSL and Cable. Satellite service requires a dish antenna and can be quite expensive compared to other types of connections.

Considering the fact that you’re not operating in an extremely remote location, your most likely choices for a broadband internet connection are DSL, cable, and fiber. Find out more about the advantages of “Fibre Optics vs other broadband options here.


How much does it cost to get 1Gbps internet?

The cost of getting a monthly 1 Gbps internet in India ranges between Rs 2499 to Rs 8499. The starting price of Rs 2499 is offered by Spectra and with a data limit of 6600 GB at 1Gbps speed, Jio Fiber’s monthly plan costs Rs 8499.

Note: Jio Fiber also offers a monthly plan for Rs 3499 with unlimited data at 1Gbps.
Check out our detailed table with all the others above (internal links)


1Gbps internet for home/office use.

1 Gbps of internet packages are relatively on the higher side, both in terms of speed as well as its cost. 1 Gbps plans are ideal for workplaces where multiple individuals will be associated with the same wifi network.

They can be opted for home use as well considering there are at least more than 2 to 3 people with multiple devices. It can be used for various purposes whether it’s for work, streaming online, or even gaming. All of these activities, even if they take place simultaneously, will not affect the speed or the latency. That’s the power of a 1 Gbps internet.


Airtel XStream Fiber 1 Gbps broadband plan: Prices & Benefits

Airtel XStream Fiber offers a broadband plan with unlimited internet with speed up to 1 Gbps along with unlimited local and STD calls. It is known as the VIP plan.

Airtel Xstream 1Gbps Plan
Service Provider Name of the Plan Price (in Rs) FUP Limit Benefits
Airtel Logo VIP Plan ₹3999 3300 GB
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Speed up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited local & STD calls
  • Free subscription to OTT platforms

How much does the Airtel XStream VIP Plan plan cost?

Airtel XStream VIP Plan costs Rs 3,999. The plan listed as the VIP subscription has unlimited internet, with up to 1Gbps speed. However, the plan is not truly unlimited since there is a defined FUP limit of 3,300 GB. Once you exhaust this data limit, the speed will be throttled down to 1Mbps.

→ Price: Rs 3,999

What are the benefits of the Airtel XStream VIP Plan?

Airtel XStream VIP broadband plan comes with a 4X4 router that will give users WiFi coverage with 1Gbps coverage in small homes and offices. In addition to that, as part of bundled benefits, this premium plan comes with unlimited local/STD calling as well. The package also comes along with some benefits and OTT subscriptions.
This plan gives access to:

  • Airtel Xstream Premium Content
  • Xstream DTH box with HD channels
  • Wynk Music
  • Zee 5 Premium subscription
  • Amazon Prime Video subscription
  • Netflix (for three months)

Is Airtel XStream VIP Plan available in my area?

Although Airtel Xstream is widely available throughout the country, in order to check if the VIP Plan is available in your area, you can log on to https://www.airtel.in/broadband and get all the required information from different plan options to prices to availability.


How much data is included in Airtel XStream VIP?

Although Airtel mentions on its VIP plan details that a customer can have unlimited data for a month at 1 Gbps, there’s always a FUP limit that these telco companies have to set. In Airtel’s case, it’s 3300 Gb / 3.3 TB which is a remarkably huge number in itself and also one of the highest data limits available out there.


JioFiber 1 Gbps Broadband Plans: Prices & Benefits

Jio Fiber is a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) internet broadband service provided by telecom operator Reliance Jio Infocomm, part of the Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance group.

Jio is famous for currently having the fastest internet speed in the country (Internal link) and Jio Fiber promises high-speed internet with no interruptions. If there are multiple devices including TVs, smartphones and PCs connected to Jio Wi-Fi, consuming high-quality content at the same time will be uninterrupted with its 1Gbps speed. Jio offers two plans with unlimited internet with 1Gbps internet speed. They have named their 1 Gbps broadband plan ‘Platinum’ and Titanium’.

Jio Fiber 1Gbps Plan
Service Provider Name of the Plan Price in Rs/month FUP Data Limit Service Benefits OTT Benefits
Jio logo Platinum ₹3,999 7,500 GB
  • Free 4K set top box
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Speed up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited local & STD calls
  • Free subscription to more than 12 OTT platforms and apps
  • Including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, and more
Jio logo Titanium ₹8,499 15,000 GB
  • Free 4K set top box
  • Unlimited free voice calls throughout the country
  • Free subscription to more than 12 OTT platforms and apps
  • Including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, and more

How much does the JioFiber 1 Gbps Plan cost?

The first plan, which is platinum, is priced at Rs 3999 and the second plan known as titanium is priced at Rs 8499. The only difference between these two plans is the data FUP (fair usage policy), i.e, the cap limit. JioFiber Platinum provides customers with up to 3300 GB of monthly data whereas JioFiber Titanium provides customers with 6600 GB of monthly data, both at speeds of 1 Gbps.


What are the benefits of the JioFiber 1 Gbps Plans?

JioFiber Platinum & Titanium plans come with multiple benefits. These plans offer:

  • Unlimited voice calls
  • Netflix subscription
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • Zee 5 Premium
  • Jio Cinema
  • JioSaavn and more.

What average download speed does JioFiber Titanium Plan offer?

JioFiber Titanium promises the same download and upload speed of 1Gbps for every customer.


Is the JioFiber Titanium Plan available in my area?

If you wish to check if the service is available in your area, you can go to the official website of the company here. On this website, you can register your name and other details. Once you follow the simple procedure of registration, the site will display if the service is available in your area.


How much data is included in the JioFiber Titanium Plan?

The JioFiber Titanium plan is the top-end package being offered by the company and the plan offers up to 6.6TB of data at 1Gbps speed.


Is there a JioFiber 1 Gbps with unlimited data?

All the broadband plans offered by Jio come with the benefit of unlimited data. However, all of these plans do have a cap limit to them, also known as the FUP limit. Regarding the 1 Gbps plans, both Platinum & Titanium offers unlimited data as well.


How to get a Jio Fiber subscription?

Jio offers a very simple process for customers to get a JioFiber subscription. All you have to do is head to their website: https://www.jio.com/registration and enter your name and contact number. JioFiber’s official representatives will contact you soon after that.


What is the speciality of JioFiber? Find out here.

One of the main specialities of Jio Fiber is its claim to be the fastest broadband network in the country and rightfully so! According to renowned network speed tracker Ookla’s latest findings, JioFiber is the fastest broadband network provider in India with the highest ratings in Q4 of 2020. Jio had the fastest mean download speed over fixed broadband among India’s top providers during Q4 2020. Jio also had the highest rating at 3.7 stars and the only positive NPS.


Which plan is the best between Platinum & Titanium?

The key difference between the Platinum and Titanium plan is the Fair usage policy (FUP) limit which is capped at 7500 GB and 15000 GB respectively. The price at which the platinum plan is available is Rs 3999 and the titanium plan is available for Rs. 8499 per month.

Depending on the requirement for home/business use, customers can opt for either of the plans that offer an internet speed of 1 Gbps.


Tata Sky 1 Gbps broadband plan: Prices & Benefits

Tata Sky broadband offers a 100% fiber network that delivers end-to-end access with fiber optics directly from the network operator to your home, providing a smooth and efficient internet browsing experience. Tata Sky Broadband’s 1Gbps plan is available in various regions. These broadband plans come for a validity of one month, three months, six months, and twelve months respectively.

Tata Sky 1 Gbps Plan
Service Provider Name of the Plan Price in Rs/month Benefits
Tata Sky Broadband Logo 1 Gbps ₹3,600
  • Unlimited Internet. Unlimited landline calls
  • Free installation and wi-fi router included

Getting a new Tata Sky broadband connection

Getting a new Tata Sky broadband connection involves a simple process. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to https://www.tataskybroadband.com/.
  2. Click on the ‘Plans’ section.
  3. Select your area and then a broadband plan of your choice.
  4. A new page will open up. Enter your Name, mobile number, Email ID, area* and the rest of the details.
  5. Click on ‘Submit’

Once the website registers that, it will send your request to the nearest TataSky office for an FTTH (Fiber to the home) connection. An official nearest to your location will reach out to you regarding the completion of some KYC formalities and the connection is available in your area then they will proceed from there.
*Note: If your city is not listed in the dropdown menu, it means that TataSky is currently unavailable in your area.

You can also call the Tata Sky contact centre at 18002676771 to know more about the availability in your area.


Tata Sky broadband 1 Gbps plans and prices

Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps Plan & Prices
Plan Duration Price in Rs / month
1 Gbps 1 month ₹3,600
1 Gbps 3 months ₹10,800
1 Gbps 6 months ₹19,800
1 Gbps 12 months ₹36,000

The one-month 1 Gbps plan is priced at Rs 3,600 and the three-month plan comes for Rs 10,800. The 6-month and the 12-month plans come for Rs 19,800 and Rs 36,000 respectively and will save users Rs 1800 and Rs 7200.


Which is the recommended wi-fi router for Tata Sky broadband connection?

Tata Sky recommends opting for any Wi-Fi router which has an Ethernet port & supports 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz with a throughput of 750 Mbps or more. That should work sufficiently.


Check Tata Sky connection feasibility for your location

You can check the Tata Sky connection feasibility for your location by logging on to https://www.tataskybroadband.com/book-now. All you need to do is, enter your basic information and contact details and you will be able to find out if you can get a new connection.


MTNL 1 Gbps Broadband Plans: Prices & Benefits

In 2019, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) launched two 1Gbps broadband plans for the Delhi circle. The plans since have been altered in terms of benefits but users in Mumbai and Delhi can still access them.

MTNL Broadband 1 Gbps Plan
Service Provider Data Speed FUP Limit Price in Rs/month
MTNL Logo 1 Gbps 3,000 GB ₹2,900
MTNL LOGO 1 Gbps 6,000GB ₹4,990

The first 1Gbps plan costs Rs 2,990 and as part of the benefits, the subscribers will be entitled to receive 3000GB or 3 TB data in a month. Along with the data, the subscribers will also get free calls to any number in the country with the complimentary landline connection. The second plan at Rs 4,990 also offers free calls to any number but in terms of data, subscribers will be getting an upgraded 6000GB of data.


What is FTTH in MTNL broadband service?

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or 100% Fiber Network is a cable that contains glass/plastic fibers that transmit light instead of electricity, thus promising superior speed. As a case in point, consider Google Fiber that offers speeds of up to 1Gbps, while a normal cable connection would max out at 200 Mbit/s. MTNL, along with other internet service providers also offers an FTTH feature.


How much does the MTNL broadband Plan cost?

MTNL offers a wide range of monthly broadband plans starting from ₹600 and going all the way up to Rs 4990.


What are the benefits of the MTNL Broadband Plan?

MTNL’s 1 Gbps broadband plans do not come with a lot of additional benefits when compared to Airtel Xtream Fiber or Jio Fiber that offer multiple OTT subscriptions.

However, this plan offers 4TB of monthly data for the first six months for new customers. Once the six-month limit is over, this plan will continue with a 3TB FUP limit moving forward. This broadband plan also offers free unlimited voice calling to any network in India, and the after FUP speeds limit is reduced to 5Mbps, which is similar to most broadband plans in the country.


How fast is FTTH by MTNL?

MTNL began offering fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) triple play (voice, video, and data) high-speed broadband service in Delhi on 9 November 2011. FTTH, with a core network speed up to 1 Gbps, was launched in Mumbai on 1 March 2012.

MTNL FTTH Broadband offers several services based on triple play services like IPTV, HDTV, 3DTV, video on demand, bandwidth on demand, instant video conferencing, interactive gaming and several other value-added services.


Are MTNL 1 Gbps broadband plans available in my area?

MTNL is one of the largest ISP (internet service providers) in Mumbai and Delhi in terms of market share, and the third-largest ISP in India even though it has a presence just in two circles. Therefore, MTNL 1 Gbps broadband plans are available only in Delhi and Mumbai.
For a new connection query, you can simply call the MTNL call centre on 1500/22221500


How much data is included in MTNL 1 Gbps broadband plans?

For the 1Gbps plan worth ₹2,990 the subscribers are entitled to receive 3000GB of data every month.

The second plan at ₹4,990 gives the subscribers up to 6000GB of data at 1 Gbps speed.


Is there an MTNL 1 Gbps broadband plan with unlimited data?

MTNL generally does not offer plans with unlimited data. Even the 1 Gbps plan comes with a data limit of 3000 GB and 6000 Gb. However, the company has a wide range of data plans to choose from, with a sufficient data limit for monthly use.


MTNL broadband customer service.

MTNL being spread in Delhi and Mumbai zones does provide attractive service to its customers, and the telecom service does require 24×7 support, as customers could require assistance at any given time. Every complaint or feedback given to MTNL customer care will be responded to in a quick time, to give customers a feasible service.

➡️ Here are the contact details of MTNL customer service for users in Delhi:

For MTNL Users in Delhi
SERVICE From MTNL Network From Any Network
GSM Consumer Care/Complaint Center 1503 1800-111-503
GSM General Information Center 1503 1800-111-503
MTNL Broadband / ADSL Internet Services 1504 011-22221504
Broadband Email Helpline helpdesk.delhi@bol.net .in helpdesk.delhi@bol.net .in
FTTH Complaint 1507 011-22221507
MTNL Newsline 011-24078888 for Hindi / 011-24079999 for Helpline
MTNL Infoline 011-24076666 for Hindi / 011-24077777 for Helpline
Changed Number Enquiry Service 1951/1952
Fault Repair Service 011 2198

➡️ For users in Mumbai:

For MTNL Users in Mumbai
SERVICE From MTNL Network From Any Network
“Online Bill Payment Issues
(On working Hours 10:00 – 17:30)” “022-22073976 / 022-22035017 / 1503@bol.net.in”
GSM 9869012345
Basic Services 1500 / 1501 Email: 1503@bol.net.in
Customer Care for Toll Free Services 1800-222992
Technical Assistance for Toll Free Services 1860-222-6789/022-24327002 /022-24382486
Complaint Booking for Toll Free Services 1800-223322

Spectra 1 Gbps Broadband Plan: Prices & Benefits

Spectra was the second Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country to provide 1 Gbps broadband plans, after ACT Fibernet. Currently, Spectra is one of the most economical ISPs with the fastest internet speed in the country. At present, Spectra is offering its internet services in 8 cities in India. However, the 1 Gbps internet plans are offered in just four cities right now which are – Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida, and Gurgaon.

How much does the Spectra 1 Gbps Plan cost?

Spectra 1 Gbps Plan
Service Provider Data FUP Limit Price in Rs/month
Spectra Logo Unlimited 1 Gbps 1000 GB
₹ 2,499

Spectra offers its 1 Gbps plan at a price of ₹2499. However, in addition to that, customers are required to spend some additional amount if they choose the subscription for just one month. Spectra will charge Rs 2,000 as a refundable security deposit, ₹1,000 towards installation charges and 18% GST, which takes the overall price to ₹6,129.
On the other hand, Spectra offers a significant price saving offer along with benefits if a customer subscribes to their 1 Gbps yearly plan. Recently, as part of their new offer, Spectra broadband users choosing the yearly 1 Gbps plan by paying Rs 21,934 will get an extra nine months of service for free and unlimited data as well.

If a customer chooses the 1 Gbps plan for one year, then Spectra will waive off the charges by 43%, thus bringing the effective price to just Rs 885 per month.


What are the benefits of the Spectra 1 Gbps Plan?

There are a lot of benefits of taking the Spectra 1 Gbps plan. These include:

  • 4K streaming on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Free Google Chromecast
  • Free Amazon Fire TV stick
  • Free Hungama premium pack worth ₹1080
  • Free unlimited music subscription.
  • Free unlimited ALTBalaji Premium subscription.
  • Downloading and uploading speed up to 1 Gbps.

What average download speed does Spectra 1 Gbps Plan offer?

The average download speed for the 1 Gbps plan on LAN ranges between 800 – 1000 Mbps.


Is Spectra 1 Gbps Plan available in my city?

To find out if Spectra’s 1 Gbps plan is available in your city, you can simply log on here and just type in your address to check regarding the availability. At present, the 1 Gbps plan is available in select cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Noida.


How much data is included in the Spectra 1 Gbps Plan?

Spectra offers unlimited data in the 1 Gbps plan. You can opt for the monthly or yearly plan as per your requirement.


Is there a Spectra 1 Gbps with unlimited data?

Yes. Spectra 1 Gbps plan comes with unlimited data. However, like every other broadband service provider in the country, Spectra too offers this plan with a FUP limit of 1000 GB.


Why choose Spectra?

Since July 2017, Spectra has consistently topped the list of Indian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on Netflix SpeedIndex, making it the best internet service for streaming on Netflix. The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of prime-time Netflix performance on various ISPs (internet service providers) around the globe. This is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps), which is also known as bandwidth. Simply put, Spectra provides the best experience of Netflix streaming in India during peak traffic time.


ACT 1 Gbps Broadband Plan: Prices & Benefits

Atria Convergence Technologies Limited, also known as ACT Fibernet, headquartered in Bangalore, is a renowned internet service provider (ISP) in India. The company has already established its dominance in certain parts of the country through its powerful broadband services.

Throughout the country, the organization provides fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services. ACT is one of the five leading internet service providers in India, with millions of subscribers.In 2017, ACT was also the first internet service provider (ISP) in India to offer gigabit speed.


How much does the ACT Giga Plan plan cost?

ACT Giga Plan & Prices
Service Provider – Plan Location Data FUP Limit Price in Rs/month
Act Fibernet logo Chennai Unlimited at 1 Gbps 5500 GB
₹ 2,999
Act Fibernet logo Bengaluru Unlimited at 1 Gbps 5500 GB
₹ 5,999
Act Fibernet logo Hyderabad Unlimited at 1 Gbps 6000 GB
₹ 5,999

The ACT 1 Gbps broadband plan is commonly known as ACT Giga. It will accompany a month-to-month furthest reach of 5500GB and whenever that is depleted, the internet speed will drop down to 5 Mbps.


What are the benefits of the ACT Giga Plan?

The ACT Giga plan with a speed of 1 Gbps offers exclusive add-ons such as:

  • Zero-touch installation
  • Cult.fit (1 month free trial)
  • Zee 5 Premium (1 month free trial)
  • Netflix (Cashback of Rs 50/month)
  • Hungama subscription at a special price of Rs 99/month


What average download speed does ACT Giga Plan offer?

The average download speed offered by the ACT Giga plan is 1 Gbps. The plan offers equal download and upload speed.


Is the ACT Giga Plan available in my area?

​​ACT offers its broadband services in more than 19 cities in India. However, the ACT Giga Plan is selectively available in southern parts of India in cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. The company is in the works to launch the 1 Gbps plan in ten more cities in the near future.


Does ACT Giga come with unlimited data?

The ACT Giga plan comes with unlimited 1 Gbps internet with a FUP limit of 3500 GB, and whenever that is depleted, the internet speed will drop down to 5 Mbps.



What is a good Wi-Fi speed?

A good internet speed is usually something that is at or above 25 Mbps. These speeds will support most online activities, such as HD streaming, online gaming, web browsing and downloading music.
Fast internet speeds, those in the 100+ Mbps range, are often better, especially if you want your internet plan to support multiple devices and users at once. The best speed out there is undoubtedly 1 Gbps which is being offered by most internet service providers in the country.

How can I get 1 Gbps internet speed in India?

You can get 1 Gbps internet speed in India by subscribing to any of the broadband providers in the country offering 1 Gbps plans.
1 Gbps plans are offered by Airtel, Jio, Spectra, Tata Sky, and ACT. Although, you will have to check on their website or call their customer care representatives to know further about the availability of a 1 Gbps connection in your area.

Is 1 Gbps internet good for gaming?

Faster internet gives you a buffer against latency issues. If you’re trying to stream games or play multiplayer games, gigabit internet is an excellent option.

Which is the fastest Wi-Fi in India?

With a median download speed of 61.88 Mbps, Jio is the fastest ISP in the market in Q2 of 2021 followed by Excitel, ACT, Airtel, Hathaway, and BSNL.


Updated on 15 Mar, 2022

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