BSNL Prepaid Plans – Information, Recharge & Offers

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, a.k.a. BSNL is a government-owned telco in India. It was launched on October 1st, 2000 by the government of India, and to this day, the company strives to offer voice and internet facilities in every region in the country.

BSNL offers its mobile services in the country by offering prepaid and postpaid services. BSNL prepaid service has a wide range of plans for customers to choose from. The prepaid plans can start from a very reasonable amount of ₹18 and go all the way up to ₹2000, depending on the requirement of customers. The key advantage of subscribing to a prepaid plan is that it works on a recharge basis which can be done as and when the validity of the current plan expires. The prepaid plan recharge can be done via multiple channels including both online and offline mediums.
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➡️ Here are some of the common services provided by BSNL Prepaid – Mobile:

  • Mobile to mobile voice calls.
  • Mobile to landline voice calls
  • Various supplementary services
  • CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation)
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service)
  • Call forwarding, call waiting, Voice mail, etc.


BSNL Prepaid Plans: Tariffs, Offers & Conditions

BSNL Prepaid plans come in all shapes and sizes. What we mean by that is BSNL has ample type of plans that can fulfil the customer’s requirements. There are prepaid plans that start at a price of just Rs 18 and come with a validity period of two days and on the other hand, there are also yearly prepaid plans by BSNL that comprises high data limits and unlimited voice calling. BSNL makes sure there’s a plan for everyone and that’s why the company is so widely available across the country.

Interesting Fact:

As of 1 June 2021, BSNL India has an employee strength of more than 63,000 people. Out of which, 30,000+ staff are in executive positions.

What are BSNL’s best prepaid plans?

The best-prepaid plans are the ones that offer a high amount of mobile data and unlimited voice calling features, along with some additional benefits such as

  • Free SMS
  • Complimentary OTT subscriptions
  • Free caller tunes and more.

BSNL offers a variety of plans with unlimited talktime and high data limit. Here are the best prepaid recharge plans offered by BSNL:

Best prepaid plans
Price Data Talktime Validity Benefits
₹147 10 GB Unlimited 30 Days BSNL Tunes
₹187 2 GB per day Unlimited 28 Days 100 SMS per day
₹247 3 GB per day Unlimited 30 Days Free EROS Now subscription and BSNL Tunes
₹319 Unlimited 75 Days
₹398 Unlimited Unlimited 30 Days
₹429 1 GB per day Unlimited 81 Days Free EROS Now subscription
₹499 1 GB per day Unlimited 90 Days
₹998 2 GB per day Unlimited 240 Days
₹1,999 3 GB per day Unlimited 365 Days Subscription to Eros Now, BSNL Tunes and Lokdhun content service

BSNL’s cheapest prepaid plan

The cheapest prepaid plan offered by BSNL is the 1 Gb/day Combo Unlimited 3G Data Pack which is valid for 2 days only. The cheapest monthly prepaid plans by BSNL are for ₹19 and ₹48, the first one for voice calls at a reasonable price and the latter for 5 GB of data for a month. You can find out the details of these plans here.

Cheapest prepaid plan by BSNL
Price Data & Calling Validity
₹18 1 GB/day and Unlimited calls 2 days

Bsnl unlimited plans: Which prepaid unlimited plans exist?

Here is a detailed list of BSNL’s unlimited prepaid plans that currently exist and are available for the customers. However, it is worth noting that the company keeps updating its prepaid plans from time to time and some plans may get removed or newer plans may get added in the near future. BSNL does offer many unlimited call prepaid plans and even some unlimited data prepaid plans but all the unlimited data plans do come with a FUP limit. Hence, it is fair to say that above 2 GB a day plans can be considered unlimited as most people do not consume 2 GB of data in a single day.

BSNL Unlimited Call plans

Currently, almost all the telecom providers in India offer unlimited call plans. These unlimited plans are often a combination of calls, data and SMS, topped along with some additional benefits depending on the price of the plan as well as the provider. BSNL too offers plans that consist of unlimited calling. Here are the most popular unlimited calling plans by BSNL prepaid.

Plan Price Calls Additional Benefits Validity
Combo 18 ₹18 Unlimited voice & video calls 1 GB data per day 2 Days
Freedom Chhota 29 ₹29 Unlimited (local/STD calls) 1 GB data 5 Days
STV 99 ₹99 Unlimited (local/STD calls) PRBT (personalised ring back tone) 22 Days
STV 147 ₹147 Unlimited (local/STD calls) 10 GB data and BSNL Tunes 30 Days
STV 298 ₹298 Unlimited (local/STD calls, roaming including Mumbai & Delhi) 1 GB per day, 100 SMS per day, EROS Now subscription 56 Days
STV 347 ₹347 Unlimited (local/STD calls, roaming including Mumbai & Delhi) 2 GB per day, 100 SMS per day, EROS Now subscription 56 Days
STV 429 ₹298 Unlimited (local/STD calls, roaming including Mumbai & Delhi) 2 GB per day, 100 SMS per day, EROS Now subscription 81 Days

Bsnl unlimited data plans

Most of the prepaid plans offered by BSNL do not provide an unlimited amount of data. However, BSNL is one of the telecom companies that’s known to offer a high limit of mobile data through various plans. It is fair to say that these plans are close enough to consider as unlimited data plans as their data limit is generally more than enough. We’ve curated some of the most popular high limit data plans for you:

Popular high limit data plans
Plan Price Data Additional Benefits Validity
Mini 16 ₹16 2 GB 1 Day
C Data 56 ₹56 10 GB Zing 10 Days
STV 97 ₹97 2 GB per day (speed down to 80 Kbps after limit) Unlimited (local/STD calls, roaming including Mumbai & Delhi) 18 Days
Data WFH 151 ₹151 40 GB Zing 28 Days
Truly Unlimited STV 398 ₹398 Unlimited Unlimited (local/STD calls, roaming including Mumbai & Delhi), 100 SMS 30 Days
STV 447 ₹447 100 GB Unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS, BSNL Tunes, EROS Now subscription 60 Days
Data 1498 ₹1498 Unlimited (FUP limit of 2 GB per day) 365 Days

All the popular BSNL prepaid plans

The Internet has become a necessity everywhere in the world and what better way to address that need than to provide affordable data and calling plans. BSNL is known to offer one of the cheapest yet high limit data and calling plans across India. We’ve curated some of BSNL’s most popular prepaid plans for you:

Plan Price Data Calls & SMS Additional Benefits Freebie Validity Validity
Per Second 108 (only for new customers) ₹108 1 GB per day Unlimited calls to any network, 500 SMS 28 Days 28 Days
153 Plan ₹153 1 GB per day Unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day Free PRBT 28 Days 28 Days
197 Plan ₹197 Unlimited (reduced to 80 kbps after 2 GB per day) Unlimited local/STD/Roaming calls, 100 SMS/day Zing (18 days) 18 Days 150 Days
199 Plan ₹199 2 GB per day Unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day 30 Days 30 Days
397 Plan ₹397 2 GB per day Unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day Free PRBT and Lokdhun Content 60 Days 300 Days
STV 398 ₹398 Unlimited (without FUP Limit) Free calls, 100 SMS/day 30 Days 30 Days
PV 399 ₹399 1 + 1 GB per day Free calls, 100 SMS/day BSNL Tunes and Lokdhun Content 80 Days 80 Days
485 Plan ₹485 1.5 GB per day Free calls.
100 SMS/day 90 Days 90 Days
SIXER ₹666 1.5 GB per day Free calls, 100 free SMS 120 Days 120 Days
Plan 699 ₹699 0.5 GB per day (reduced to 80 kbps after limit) Free calls, 100 SMS/day Sony LIV, Lokdhun content and Free caller tune 180 Days 180 Days
BSNL 997 ₹997 3 GB per day Unlimited Free Tune (first 60 days) 180 Days 180 Days
BSNL Bindas Bol ₹1,499 24 GB Free calls, 100 SMS/day 365 Days 365 Days
BSNL 1999 ₹1,999 600 GB (FUP) Unlimited calls, 100 SMS/day Free caller tune for 365 days and Lokdhun content for 60 days 365 Days 365 Days
BSNL 2,399 ₹2,399 3 GB per day Unlimited Free tune and EROS Now subscription 425 Days 425 Days


What kinds of prepaid combo does BSNL offer?

Prepaid combos are nothing but plans that combine multiple offerings of prepaid service. These plans generally have a good mix n match of calls and data options for customers to choose from. BSNL has a range of prepaid combos for its customers. Here are the prepaid combos that BSNL offers:

Prepaid Combos offered by BSNL
Plan Validity Price in Rs.
1 GB/Day Combo Unlimited 3G Data 2 days 18
200 MB Combo 3G Data Pack 1 day 21
50 MB combo 3G Data Pack 90 days 36
500 MB Combo 3G Data Pack 7 days 58
2 GB Combo 3G Data Pack 50 days 75
2 GB/Day Combo Unlimited 3G Data Pack 28 days 139

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Information

BSNL has made it relatively easier for its customers to manage their recharges and make payments without any hassle, through various channels. Some of the common channels of making payments for your BSNL number are:

  • BSNL website
  • BSNL app
  • Payment applications such as PayTM, Freecharge, MobiKwik, etc.

Bsnl prepaid recharge: What recharges are available?

BSNL prepaid offers recharge options for all its states/circles on its own portal that allows people to select recharge options as per their location and their usage requirements. Recharges are available starting at just Rs 18 valid for 1-day usage and can go up to recharge plans valid for 365 days or more.

What are BSNL Full Talktime Topups?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers various prepaid offers which provide full talktime value. These offers are available periodically throughout the year. BSNL is one of the few providers that offers a wide range of talktime plans. Here is the list of BSNL’s full talktime plans:

Plan/Pack Talktime
₹110 Full Talktime Pack ₹110
₹220 Full Talktime Pack ₹220
₹500 Full Talktime Pack ₹500
₹550 Full Talktime Pack ₹550
₹1000 Full Talktime Pack ₹1000
₹2000 Full Talktime Pack ₹2000
₹3000 Full Talktime Pack ₹3000
₹5000 Full Talktime Pack ₹5000
₹6000 Full Talktime Pack ₹6000

How to recharge your BSNL number?

Recharging your BSNL number is quite a simple process and can be done via multiple platforms. Mainly it can be done via the BSNL website or the app and also via other payment channels. Most of the external payment apps such as PayTM, Amazon Pay, etc also offer additional benefits for every recharge that is done.

How to Check BSNL balance and active plan?

As a BSNL user, the company gives you an option to check for the data balance from your BSNL number using various USSD codes. Here are some of them that may come in handy:

  • You can dial *112# to know the data balance.
  • There’s also an option to check your active prepaid plan by dialling *102#
  • If you want to check the 2G or 3G data balance, you can dial *123*6# or *123*10# to check for the balance.
  • Users who are on BSNL 4G network can check for the data by simply calling on *124#.
  • You can also check for BSNL net balance using *124*2#
  • You can check the details of the data balance on the BSNL app as well.


How to recharge BSNL number online

One of the most preferred methods of recharging a BSNL number is doing it online via its own website. When you visit the BSNL website and scroll down to select ‘Mobile recharge’, you will find details to recharge your BSNL number.
You will also find three categories which are: Mobile details, Communication details, and Payment details. You can start the procedure by entering your mobile details.

Here’s how you can do it:

All you have to do is, enter your mobile number followed by some of your key information such as your state/region, email address and opt for the ‘recharge’ option mentioned on the website. For recharging via the BSNL App, a very similar process to how it’s done on the website has to be followed.

How to recharge BSNL number via external payment apps

These external payment applications such as PayTM, FreeCharge, Amazon Pay, etc. are known for providing offers/discounts/cashback on a regular basis. Whenever you recharge for a BSNL prepaid plan on a payment app like PayTM, Freecharge, or Amazon Pay, it is very likely that you’ll win some rewards in form of coupons or cashback.

This is why an alternative option of recharging your BSNL number is possible through any of these external payment apps. All you have to do is:

  1. Go on one of these apps or the website.
  2. Select one of the available prepaid plans.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Select your service operator as BSNL.
  5. Choose your circle for e.g. Mumbai/Punjab.
  6. Enter the amount to recharge or click on ‘browse plans’.
  7. Click on proceed to recharge and make the payment.
  8. Your recharge is now successful.


BSNL Prepaid – All available plans

BSNL prepaid plans are available throughout the country, from the metropolitan cities to the rural areas and the plans come with a wide range of price options. There are more than 80 prepaid plans available in every state/circle. To view all the prepaid plans for any state/circle, you can simply log on here and select your region from the list. To provide an example, we have curated all the popular BSNL prepaid plans available in the Maharashtra region here:

Popular prepaid plans in Maharashtra/Goa
Plan Type Price Data/Calls Validity Benefits
General Top-Up ₹10
  • ₹7.47 worth of talktime
VOICE Voucher ₹49
  • Free 100 minutes of calls to any network
24 Days 2 GB free data
DATA Voucher ₹97
  • Unlimited data. Speed reduced to 80 kbps after 2 GB per day
  • Unlimited local/STD/roaming calls
18 Days Lokdhun Content
Plan Migration Pack ₹197
  • Truly unlimited voice calling
  • Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 80 Kbps after 2GB per day
150 Days 100SMS/day + Zing (18days)
VOICE Voucher ₹247
  • 50 GB data at high speed after which unlimited data at 80 Kbps
  • Unlimited voice calls
30 Days BSNL Tunes and EROS Now services
VOICE Voucher ₹397
  • Unlimited data with a limit of 2GB per day
  • Unlimited voice calls
300 Days PRBT and Lokdhun content
VOICE Voucher ₹599
  • Unlimited free voice calls and national roaming
  • Unlimited data with speed reduced to 80 kbps after 5GB per day
84 Days Free 100 SMS/day to any network, Zing and Unlimited free night data (between 12 am to 5 am)
Data Voucher ₹1498
  • Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40 Kbps after 2GB per day
365 Days

What are BSNL Validity Extension plans?

BSNL offers several validity extension recharge plans for those customers who don’t necessarily use their BSNL number that often, but also want to keep it active nonetheless. The state-run telco offers a variety of validity extension plans for its customers with unlimited calling, unlimited data, SMS, and more, with its price ranging from Rs.10 all the way up to Rs 2399. Here are some of the popular BSNL ‘Validity Extension Plans’:

BSNL Validity Extension Plans
Plan Calls & Data Validity
₹105 Unlimited calls with 100 SMS 22 days
₹365 Unlimited calls with 100 SMS/day 365 days
₹399 Unlimited calls with 100 SMS/day 80 days
₹485 250 Minutes/day Local/STD/Roaming calls, Unlimited data and 100 SMS/day 90 days

How to check BSNL prepaid validity?

To check the BSNL data balance and validity information, you can dial the USSD code *124# from your BSNL number and you will receive an instant SMS from the service provider stating the relevant details of your BSNL subscription balance and also validity.

There’s also an alternative option to check your BSNL data balance and validity, which is through the SMS method. Open the messaging app on your phone. Type in “BAL” and send to 121. You will receive a text message in a few minutes with the details of your account balance and validity status.

What is the validity period of BSNL recharge plans?

Usually, the most common recharge plans have a validity of 28 to 30 days, and the same plan can be opted for, in the following month. For people who do not want to commit to longer duration plans, BSNL also offers short term prepaid plans which are valid for a limited number of days. BSNL has all kinds of plans for all kinds of customers.

How to extend validity of BSNL prepaid?

  • Validity Extension through SMS using your main balance
    Send PV to 53733 or 123. Ex: PV37 to 53733 for per min plan, PV36 to 53733 for per second plan
  • By Automatic Extension Of Validity
    There are plans that you can opt for, with automatic extension. The validity will be renewed automatically on the 2nd day after the expiry of the regular validity period, depending on the availability of a sufficient balance in the customer’s account. Customers will be informed via SMS.
  • By Coupon Recharge/Electronic recharge
    Go to your nearest BSNL Customer service centre and inquire about the extension of the validity of your plan. You will be assisted by a BSNL customer representative.
  • Through online Bsnl Portal
    Validity extension online is the most recommended method. You can make the payment with your debit card, credit card, or net banking.
    To access the BSNL portal, you can visit this link


    BSNL Mobile Prepaid Reviews

    As BSNL has plenty of prepaid recharge plans for its users in India, the company provides affordable recharge plans for every different type of customer requirement. As the network is spread across every nook & corner of the country, the network quality varies from region to region. Hence, leading to a lot of customers with diverse opinions and reviews about BSNL’s services.

    BSNL customer reviews

    As per one of India’s largest review platforms, we’ve collected some of the recent reviews of BSNL’s customers sharing their thoughts about the company’s mobile services. As BSNL prepaid services have a huge number of customer databases, there are reviews of all kinds with ratings varying from bad to excellent. Here are some notable recent reviews:

    “BSNL 3G provide very fast speed along with roaming services to its customers at a reasonable price which is affordable for a maximum of us. The best thing is that they provide better customer care service and solve all problems of customer earliest. This is trustworthy network.” – Ajay Kaliraman

    “Friends, if you are valuing your money, don’t go with BSNL that is the worst network ever. I’m using BSNL prepaid number from last two years. It started problems when I began to use the network. I have some suggestions to the BSNL management: Provide good service to customers. Employ some trained professional staff to deal with customers” – Ashish607

    “Bsnl network no 4g Internet. 3G Internet is very slow and call quality is ok, call offers and sms is good but network speed is poor.” – Dhinesh28995

    BSNL Prepaid Customer Care

    For mobile prepaid or postpaid service, you can call the toll-free number 1800-180-1503 or 1503. Alternatively, you can call 8003451500 from other networks as well.

    Does BSNL provide a toll free number?

    You can easily opt for the BSNL toll-free number facility by contacting the customer service number on 1800-345-1800 or by visiting any BSNL customer service centre in your locality.

    BSNL Mobile Prepaid Plans: Plans availability in your region

    BSNL Mobile is available in over 39 telecom circles in the country, which means that the government-owned telco is pretty much available everywhere with various mobile prepaid plans suitable for its customers. The BSNL portal is the most accurate source for viewing all available plans. It is also worth noting that certain plans do get modified or removed from the list of available plans due to changes brought in by BSNL as per market trends/needs.

    BSNL Prepaid Offers by Region

    The best way to check out all the BSNL prepaid offers by region is through the BSNL portal. On this, you can select your state/circle depending on your location and browse through all the available plans and offers listed to choose as per your preference. All you have to do is simply select one of the given states, followed by choosing the plan that suits you best, entering your basic information, and eventually making the payment.

    How to find out if BSNL Prepaid services are available in my city?

    BSNL prepaid services are widely available across the country and users can avail this broadly distributed network range wherever they may be situated.

    To ensure that BSNL prepaid service is available in your locality:

    • You can visit the nearest BSNL centre or any of their partner stores.
    • All you have to do is purchase a BSNL prepaid SIM.
    • For identification and registration purposes, it is advisable to carry your Aadhaar card.
    • Once you have purchased a BSNL SIM, the customer care representative will ensure to get it activated within the next 30 minutes or even less sometimes.



    What is the initial amount to be paid for a new BSNL prepaid connection?

    A new BSNL Mobile prepaid connection can be purchased for just Rs.220 with Rs. 50/- free talk time included. Recharges can be done from Rs. 18/- to Rs. 3000/- value having a validity period from 7 days to one year.

    How to activate a new BSNL number?

    After purchasing a new BSNL SIM, please dial 123 and follow the prompts of the IVRS computer to know the status of your number. Once this step is completed, your SIM is ready to use.

    What is PRBT in BSNL?

    PRBT stands for Personalised Ring Back Tone. Some of the BSNL prepaid plans include this service as a free benefit.

    When does the grace period start for a BSNL number?

    The grace period for your BSNL number starts after the expiry of your ongoing prepaid plan validity.

    How to get your BSNL SIM replacement and what is the cost?

    To get your BSNL SIM replaced, you can head to a BSNL Customer service centre for the same mobile number along with a document that proves your identity. The BSNL staff will then verify the details regarding validity and name and will immediately issue the BSNL SIM card replacement with the same mobile number. In all the telecom circles in India, the BSNL duplicate SIM card cost for Micro, Nano, and 256K variants will be the same.


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