The Best Broadband Providers in Hyderabad: A comparison article

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Almost every other home in an urban setting has a broadband connection since our life heavily depends on the web world. With many Internet Services Providers, choosing the best broadband provider in Hyderabad can be a daunting task. Two defining features of good broadband are speed and availability. The lower the ping is, the higher the speed of the internet service is. Also, features like the monthly tariff of the internet services, data limits, and customer support turnaround times are essential to consider before finalising the ISP (internet service provider) for your broadband connection.
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There are a lot of ISPs, including both local and private broadband providers, in Hyderabad. But ACT Fibernet has aced that list which provides unlimited data with 150 Mbps. And when we compare this to other broadband providers, the ACT offers cheaper packages than the rest.

Recently, even Tata Sky, now renamed Tata Play has launched their new broadband plans, offering unlimited data with 500mbps. Although it’s in the initial stage, their tariff schemes and quality may exponentially increase customer reliability and sales as the Best Broadband in Hyderabad. For more information on mobile and broadband plans, click here.


Broadband internet connection in Hyderabad

When you are staying in Hyderabad, many factors come into play before you decide which broadband services are best for you. There are various service providers such as Jio FIber, ACT Fibernet, Hathway, Airtel Xstream Fiber, and more, including the local ISPs. Here, in this article, we have listed some of the Best Broadband providers while explaining all such factors that are essentially need to be covered for a digital upgrade.

We have covered all Local and Private Broadband service providers who have good ratings amongst the customers with great internet speed and coverage area. But before we jump into the list, let’s understand the factors first.


What To Look For While Comparing Broadband Providers in Hyderabad?

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind. Many times, we tend to consider some of the points as negligible. But in the end, ignorance can cost us more than we care to. So, to avoid such instances, let’s go through the points in detail.


Cost of the plan including other charges

When choosing an ISP for your broadband connection, check out their tariff. Also, check if the price includes the cost of the router, installation charges, etc.

Many times, these are well-described on the website of the Broadband providers. But there have been cases where customers have complained about getting duped by the ISPs like they were charged extra for installation, router, and even one-time-setup cost. Internet service providers offer the Routers as free, like the ACT. But some charge a certain amount of money for Router rental, whereas service providers like BSNL and MTNL provide you with the router for a lifetime for a one-time charge.

So, check their websites for all kinds of packages. Next, look for the policy terms about renewal, refunds, etc. If you do not get this information on their website, you can call their customer centre and ask for all information. Be thorough. This step would safeguard you from any malpractices and fraud acts.

Note: There is a stringent ‘Fair Usage Policy’ (FUP) for some broadband service providers to regulate the usage. Some ISPs offer a lower cost for the initial few months and slowly increase prices. So, it’s best that you also look for customer reviews of such ISPs to check if there have been such cases in the past.

Package Offers:

Most of the ISPs offer broadband services in packages. Each package has different data limits, usage, speed and number of users. Now, also, with the type of usage, even the WiFi router changes. First, you need to understand the purpose you need the Broadband connection for. If it’s only for work purposes, you can go for a simple Broadband connection. But if you want to watch soaps and films on OTT platforms, you need to switch to a package that offers higher speed and quality. And if you wish the Broadband connection to stream 4K films for your smart TV, you need to choose Fibernet with a higher rate (Above 200mbps).

Also, these packages are pocket friendly and also come with Add-ons at a lower price. The bundle of services includes:

  • Broadband + mobile
  • Broadband + TV
  • Broadband +TV + mobile
  • Broadband + TV + mobile + OTT subscription

Some broadband service providers also give special Add-Ons like Game Booster and OTT platform memberships which are icings on a cake!


Contract duration

Most ISPs do not have specific terms of contract duration. But it depends on the type of packages you choose. Now, broadband providers offer you various packages, but primarily, they are monthly, quarterly, half-year and annual packages. If you want to terminate the ongoing packages, either they refund the cost of the rest of the months or days left, or you have to pay a certain amount of money to end the connection. Some providers also offer services like free WiFi installation if you happen to switch cities. So, try to find all the information for these questions for the ISP you want to choose for your Broadband Connection.


What mean download and upload speeds are available in Hyderabad?

With Telangana rising as the most favourable state for Data Centers in India, the speed of Hyderabad is better than the rest of the country. In January 2022, 40 Mbps was the average speed of the internet provided by most of the renowned ISPs in Hyderabad. BSNL, ACT, Excel, and JioFiber offer 50 Mbps in less than Rs 500 with a data limit of 500 GB per month (maximum).

⬇️ Download speed: 13.74 Mbps
⬆️ Upload speed: 6.19 Mbps


Reliability in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the bustling cities of India, which is slowly rising as the next Silicon Valley of India after Bangalore. The city has seen a steep rise of IT-based industries, start-ups and MSME with a sudden increase of data centres. This acts as quite a favourable condition for people living in Hyderabad. And recently, Hyderabad has been chosen as one of the few cities to get 5G internet speed in 2022. So, we can easily say that the reliability of ISPs’ quality of Broadband Services is excellent.

But there are a few factors that you need to keep an eye for, like:

  • Speed consistency
  • Ping time
  • Network connection
  • Stability in clusters
  • Number of users in the area
  • Although some renowned private ISPs that customers most prefer, are Airtel Xtream, JioFiber, etc., whereas some Local ISPs have recently earned their name due to fast customer services and top-notch broadband services at competitive, pocket-friendly prices like the ACT Fibernet, Excitel, YOU Broadband, and others.


    Local internet services in Hyderabad

    There are more than a hundred ISPs in Hyderabad, here we are listing a few:

    ➡️ GTPL Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Velocity Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Sikka Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Limras Eronet Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Time Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ AT Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Cheerinet Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Supernet Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Fastway Broadband Internet Service
    ➡️ Connect Broadband Internet Service

    Broadband plans for a few of the above local providers are as follows:

    Plan Speed FUP Limit Price Validity
    GTPL Broadband Internet Service 50 Mbps Unlimited ₹1,770 3 months
    100 Mbps Unlimited ₹3,009 3 months
    100 Mbps Unlimited ₹4,602 6 months
    Connect Broadband Internet Service 12 Mbps 30 GB ₹499 1 month
    12 Mbps 100 GB ₹799 1 month
    12 Mbps 400 GB ₹1,299 1 month
    Sikka Broadband Internet Service 50 Mbps 30 GB ₹2,825 6 months
    100 Mbps 100 GB ₹4,240 6 months
    200 Mbps 400 GB ₹5,657 6 months
    Velocity Giga Fiber Internet Service 100 Mbps Unlimited ₹1,099 1 month
    200 Mbps Unlimited ₹1,500 1 month
    500 Mbps Unlimited ₹3,000 1 month

    Pros & Cons of subscribing to a local internet service

    Even though the Local ISPs’ packages and offers look lucrative, you may question their authenticity, speed, reliability, ping time, customer services, and monthly tariffs. It’s quite challenging to estimate such factors about Local ISPs, but there are several factors you can check for before choosing one. When going for a local ISP, one might have several questions in mind, as it is hard to estimate or find out the quality of a local service unless one uses it. For individuals, local ISPs can be highly cost-effective and offer good speeds.


    • Better packages with add-ons at competitive prices.
    • Easily available for connections
    • Higher speeds


    • Hard to find the best one and get reviews
    • Hackers can easily breach security issues such as local networks.
    • Not very suitable for large businesses.

    Which is the best broadband in Hyderabad?

    According to several sources, ACT Fibernet is considered the best broadband service provider in Hyderabad.

    Here are some of the main benefits:

    • Affordable
    • Reliable connection
    • Wide range of plans
    • Quality of cables
    • Turnaround time
    • Fast speed

    → Below are the plans:

    ACT Broadband plans
    PLAN Speed Monthly Rent Monthly Data
    A – Max 500 40 Mbps ₹500 500GB
    A – Max 700 75 Mbps ₹700 1TB
    A – Max 1075 150 Mbps ₹1,075 2TB
    A – Max 1325 300 Mbps ₹1,325 Unlimited (FUP Limit: 3300 GB)
    Incredible 1999 400 Mbps ₹1,999 Unlimited (FUP Limit: 3300 GB)
    ACT GIGA 1 Gbps ₹5,999 6TB

    Which is the cheapest broadband plan in Hyderabad?

    If you are looking for the most cost-effective solution, you can opt for YOU Broadband or local service providers. ACT Fibernet broadband is another popular ISP and comes in the top ISPs of Hyderabad. Here’s a look at some of the ISPs, their ratings, starting plan price, and the speed offered.

    Cheapest broadband plans in Hyderabad
    Service Rating Starting Plan Speed
    Jio Logo 4.0/5.0 ₹399 per month 30 Mbps
    ACT Fibernet logo 4.2/5.0 ₹500 per month 40 Mbps
    YOU Broadband Logo 3.8/5.0 ₹2,124 for 3 months 50 Mbps
    Airtel Logo 4.0/5.0 ₹499 per month 40 Mbps
    Hathway Logo 2.0/5.0 ₹1,500 for 3 months 40 Mbps

    What is the fastest broadband service provider in Hyderabad?

    ACT Fibernet is considered the best and the fastest broadband service provider as per the reviews and comments of people on platforms like Quora. However, ACT, Airtel and Jio all 3 offer 1Gbps speed and can be considered the fastest providers available in Hyderabad.


    How to find the best internet provider in Hyderabad?

    If you want to find the best internet provider, then you must take these specific parameters into account like:

    • Internet Speed and bandwidth
    • Bundle packages
    • Number of users
    • Cost of the plan and hidden charges
    • Turnaround time
    • Stability and consistency of network
    • Customer support and maintenance.


    Top Broadband Internet Service Providers in Hyderabad

    Among all the nationwide and local service providers in Hyderabad, below mentioned are the ones who top the ranking in Hyderabad:

    ➡️ ACT Fibernet
    ➡️ Excitel Broadband
    ➡️ Neolog Online Services
    ➡️ Airtel Broadband
    ➡️ Jio Fiber
    ➡️ Hathway Broadband
    ➡️ YOU Broadband
    ➡️ Skynet Broadband Network


    Comparison of Top Broadband ISPs in Hyderabad

    Let’s have a look at the top broadband internet service providers and their fastest plans available in the market. We have also added some additional information such as the average speed and the customer care contact details.

    Fastest plan of top ISPs in Hyderabad
    Name of ISP Average Speed Fastest Plan (Monthly) Plan Price Data Customer care contact
    ACT Fibernet logo 40 Mbps – 1 Gbps 1 Gbps ₹5,999 Unlimited
    • Whatsapp: +91 – 9945999459
    • Call centre: +91 – 9121212121/+91 – 7288999999
    • Toll-free number: 18001022836
    • Email:
    Jio Logo 30 Mbps – 1 Gbps 1 Gbps ₹8,499 Unlimited
    • WhatsApp: 70005 70005
    • Contact number: 1800-896-9999
    • Email:
    Airtel Logo 40 Mbps – 1 Gbps 1 Gbps ₹3,999 Unlimited
    • Contact number: 040-40000294
    • Email:
    Hathway Logo 50 Mbps – 300 Mbps 300 Mbps ₹1,400 Unlimited
    • Contact number: +91-22-26001306
    • Email:
    YOU Broadband Logo 30 Mbps – 200 Mbps 200 Mbps ₹1,062 Unlimited
    • Contact number: 9121291212 / 1800121222
    • Email:

    ACT Fibernet in Hyderabad

    In Hyderabad, ACT Fibernet is one of the best choices for broadband Hyderabad. ACT Fibernet plants have high speeds and excellent customer service. It is also one of the most trusted brands. ACT Fibernet is also the best Broadband in Hyderabad, as per Quora.


    Where is ACT Fibernet available in Hyderabad?

    ACT Fibernet is available in Hyderabad at several places like:

    • Kukatpally
    • Sainikpuri
    • Mehdipatnam
    • Chandanagar
    • Hi-Tech City
    • Himayat Nagar
    • Secunderabad
    • Dilsukh Nagar
    • Santosh Nagar
    • Vanasthalipuram
    • Banjara Hills

    List of ACT Fibernet plans in Hyderabad

    Check out all the ACT Fibernet plans available in Hyderabad. The starting price is from ₹500 onwards and goes all the way up to ₹5,999 for the 1 Gbps plan.

    List of ACT Fibernet plans
    PLAN Price (monthly) Speed Monthly Data
    A – Max 500 ₹500 40 Mbps 500GB
    A – Max 700 ₹700 75 Mbps 1TB
    A – Max 1075 ₹1,075 150 Mbps 2TB
    A – Max 1325 ₹1,325 300 Mbps Unlimited (FUP: 3,300GB)
    Incredible 1999 ₹1,999 400 Mbps Unlimited (FUP: 3,300GB)
    ACT GIGA ₹5,999 1 Gbps 6TB

    Does ACT Fibernet offer plans with unlimited data?

    ACT Fibernet offer several plans with unlimited data, namely ‘A-Max 1325’ priced at ₹1,325 per month and ‘Incredible-1999’ priced ₹1,999 per month.


    How to get an ACT Fibernet connection in Hyderabad?

    Here is what you have to do to get a new ACT Fibernet Connection:

    1. Visit the ACT FIbernet website
    2. Add your details in the lead form to check your feasibility location
    3. Choose the plan as per your requirement
    4. Make your payment directly on the website and upload relevant documents for verification
    5. ACT Fibernet team will get with you for the installation


    Compare Jio Fiber Broadband in Hyderabad

    Jio is a trendy brand in the telecom world and a large player in the broadband industry. They offer many products and services to their customers that they can choose from, including monthly plans and annual plans, as well as unlimited 4G data plans. Jio is also known for offering the best rates compared to other ISPs. Jio Fiber is widely available in Hyderabad offering its users a high-speed broadband internet connection.


    When was Jio Fiber launched in Hyderabad?

    On September 5, 2019, Jio Fiber services were launched in India by Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani, the founder and chairman of Reliance Industries, said that Jio Fiber broadband connection would be launched in Hyderabad and made available across major select cities during the initial phase.

    All the Jio Fiber broadband plans available in Hyderabad

    Here, you can find all the Jio Fiber plans that are available in Hyderabad.

    Jio Fiber plans in Hyderabad
    Plan Price Speed Data Price per month
    ₹399 30 Mbps Unlimited Free voice calls
    ₹699 100 Mbps Unlimited Free voice calls
    ₹999 150 Mbps Unlimited Free voice calls + 16 OTT apps
    ₹1,499 300 Mbps Unlimited Free voice calls + 17 OTT apps
    ₹2,499 500 Mbps Unlimited Free voice calls + 17 OTT apps
    ₹3,999 1 GBPS Unlimited Free voice calls + 17 OTT apps
    ₹8,499 1 GBPS Unlimited Free voice calls + 17 OTT apps

    How to check Jio Fiber availability in your area?

    You can check if JioFiber is available in your area on their website. All you have to do is follow the below steps:

    1. Visit the official website
    2. Enter your name and mobile number
    3. Click on the ‘Generate OTP’ button.
    4. Enter 6 digit OTP received on the contact number provided & click “Verify OTP”.
    5. Add your complete address and press submit.

    The Website will display if Jio Fiber is available nearby your location. They will also send you relevant data like the name of agents or shops nearby you who are certified and provide a JioFibre connection to your place. If not available, then they keep your information safe. Once the connection is available nearby, they will contact you to inform about the same.


    Compare Airtel broadband in Hyderabad

    Airtel broadband is one of the most popular broadband in India, and with the new plans rolling out, especially for urban cities like Hyderabad, Airtel is also a fan-favourite amongst the consumers. They offer a wide range of plans and perks, including multiple subscription packages. For their OTT packages, Airtel broadband also offers discounted deals on specific entertainment platforms.


    Airtel broadband plans in Hyderabad

    Here, you can find all the Airtel Xstream Fiber plans that are available in Hyderabad.

    Airtel Broadband plans in Hyderabad
    Plan Name Price Speed Data
    Basic ₹499 40 Mbps Unlimited
    Standard ₹799 100 Mbps Unlimited
    Entertainment ₹999 200 Mbps Unlimited
    Professional ₹1,499 300 Mbps Unlimited
    Infinity ₹3,999 1 Gbps Unlimited

    Which is the most popular plan of Airtel in Hyderabad?

    Entertainment plan with a speed of 200 Mbps is the best selling plan of Airtel in Hyderabad. It has an unlimited data plan and talktime with one year OTT subscription.


    Which is the cheapest plan by Airtel in Hyderabad?

    The Airtel Basic broadband plan is the cheapest provided by Airtel at the rate of 499. It has 40 Mbps speed with unlimited data and Talktime.

    Cheapest Airtel Broadband plan in Hyderabad
    Plan Name Price Speed Data
    Basic ₹499 40 Mbps Unlimited

    How to get an Airtel broadband connection in Hyderabad?

    You can follow the steps mentioned below to buy Airtel new broadband connection:

    • Step 1- Select the plan as per your requirement
    • Step 2- Fill the form with your details and installation address
    • Step 3- Select the rental duration
    • Step 4- Submit the request


    Compare Hathway Broadband in Hyderabad

    Hathway initially started as a cable TV provider but has since moved on to become one of the country’s largest internet service providers (ISPs). Hathway also offers a wide range of plans set at different time intervals: three months plans, half-yearly plans, and yearly plans that you can choose from.


    Popular broadband plans by Hathway in Hyderabad

    Check out all the popular and available broadband plans offered by Hathway.

    Hathway broadband plans in Hyderabad
    Plan Name Speed Subscription Charges for 3 Months Data
    Hero 50 Mbps ₹1,497 1000 GB
    Hero Unlimited 40 Mbps ₹1,500 Unlimited
    GPON 60 Mbps 60 Mbps ₹1,647 Unlimited
    Amuse 100 Mbps ₹1,800 Unlimited
    GPON 125 Mbps 125 Mbps ₹1,947 Unlimited
    Premium Unlimited 150 Mbps ₹2,397 Unlimited

    Which is the best plan offered by Hathway broadband?

    As per Switcheroo, the ‘Amuse’ plan with a speed offering of 100 Mbps provides unlimited data at a price of ₹1800 is probably the best plan offered by Hathway broadband.


    Is Hathway broadband available in your area?

    To check if Hathway broadband connection is available in your area, all you have to do is visit here and view the list in the cities section.


    Compare YOU Broadband in Hyderabad

    YOU Broadband is known for providing fast internet connection and customer service over the phone that is responsive to needs. Therefore, many people prefer YOU Broadband over other broadband services. YOU Broadband also offers a long list of plans designed by keeping every customer’s individual needs in mind, and that’s why they’re popular in Hyderabad as well.


    Popular broadband plans by YOU Broadband in Hyderabad

    Check out the popular broadband plans offered by YOU Broadband in Hyderabad.

    YOU Broadband plans in Hyderabad
    PLAN Speed Data Validity Price
    UNLTD 50** 50 Mbps Unlimited 90 Days ₹2,124
    UNLTD 75** 75 Mbps Unlimited 90 Days ₹2,301
    UNLTD 125** 125 Mbps Unlimited 95 Days ₹2,478
    UNLTD 200** 200 Mbps Unlimited 95 Days ₹3,186

    Unlimited data plans by YOU broadband

    YOU Broadband is one of the leading internet service providers in Hyderabad. They provide high-speed internet with unlimited data plans like UNLTD 50**, UNLTD 75**, UNLTD 125**, and UNLTD 200**.



    How to choose the best broadband service in Hyderabad?

    • Consider your internet usage.
    • Find the top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Hyderabad.
    • Check speed test results.
    • Compare the offers and their cost.

    Are there local internet suppliers in Hyderabad?

    Yes, there are more than 100 ISPs in Hyderabad, and many of them are local ISPs. Local ISPs offer lower pricing, good customer service, and higher speeds. However, they are not very suitable for large business requirements.

    Is there 1 Gbps internet speed available in Hyderabad?

    ACT Fibernet provides the fastest wired broadband in Hyderabad and gives up to 1 Gbps. ACT Fibernet, Airtel Broadband and Jio Fiber offer 1 Gbps speeds. However, ACT Fibernet is considered to be the fastest.

    How to find the nearest available internet provider in Hyderabad?

    The easiest way to find the best available ISPs in your area is to find them on websites like Justdial or Google businesses. Several websites like also provide you with a listing of nearby ISPs using your pin code.


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