Guide to BSNL Postpaid Plans in 2022

Government-owned telecom company BSNL offers both prepaid and postpaid plans to its customers. Its postpaid plans provide a slew of perks that you can’t afford to miss out on. It offers both individual and family postpaid plans. It is possible to renew your BSNL postpaid cycle on a monthly basis, and the rates start at only Rs. 199.

In this article, you’ll find detailed information about BSNL’s postpaid plans for new customers or those who want to shift from prepaid services.

Last updated in: November 2022

What are the BSNL postpaid plans?

BSNL postpaid plans are a way to avail of voice and data services and pay for them later at the end of the month. BSNL is broadening its customer base by introducing new postpaid unlimited options. Voice/SMS and the essential data services are included in each postpaid plan’s carefully curated list of perks.

Postpaid plans offered by the mobile operator currently include Plans 199, 399, and 525, all of which include free voice and data. There are unlimited plans available for ₹798, ₹999, and ₹1,525. These postpaid mobile phone plans come with a roaming-free option, with up to 90% extra free talk time and data every month.

What are the popular BSNL postpaid plans?

Monthly Charges Calls Data Benefits/Family Connection
Rs.199 Unlimited free voice calls 25 GB (data rollover up to 75 GB) 100 SMS/Day are offered, with no additional family connections
Rs.399 Unlimited voice calls 70 GB (data rollover up to 210 GB) no additional family connections.
Rs.525 Unlimited voice calls 85 GB (data rollover up to 255 GB) 100 SMS, 1 additional family connection
Rs.798 Unlimited voice calls 50 GB (data rollover up to 150 GB) 2 family connections with unlimited calls, 50 GB of data, and 100 SMS per day
Rs.999 Unlimited voice calls 75 GB (data rollover up to 225 GB) 3 family connections with unlimited calls, 75 GB of data, and 100 SMS per day
Rs.1,525 Unlimited voice calls Unlimtied without restrictions 1 family connection with unlimited calls, 75 GB of data, and 100 SMS per day

Which is the best BSNL postpaid plan?

The best BSNL postpaid plan depends on the requirements of the user and the number of family connections they want. Generally, the Rs. 399 plan is suitable for a single user.

Plan Price Data Calls
Rs. 399 70 GB (Data rollover of up to 210 GB) Unlimited national calls

Which is the cheapest BSNL postpaid plan?

Plan Price Data Calls
Rs 199 25 GB (Data rollover of up to 75 GB) Unlimited calls

What are the BSNL 3G postpaid plans?

BSNL 3G postpaid plans are suitable for people who don’t require faster internet speeds. These plans are considerably cheaper than the 4G postpaid plans offered by BSNL.

Price Data FUP
50 550 MB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
75 1500 MB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
170 2.2 GB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
225 4.2 GB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
290 9 GB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
501 12 GB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
549 16 GB Speed 40 kbps after data limit
240 Unlimited Speed 80 kbps after 3.5GB
340 Unlimited Speed 80 kbps after 5.5GB
666 Unlimited Speed 128 kbps after 11GB
901 Unlimited Speed 128 kbps after 20GB
1711 Unlimited Speed 128 kbps after 30GB

How to activate the BSNL postpaid number?

To get your BSNL 4G SIM card working, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Plug in the BSNL SIM card and turn off your cell phone.
  2. Turn it back on and wait for the network signal to come through.
  3. Open the dial pad once you see the signal strength on the display.
  4. You can verify your identity by dialling 1507 on your phone.


How to get a new BSNL postpaid connection?

The new BSNL Mobile Postpaid subscriptions can be obtained through mobile common service centers/dealer networks in all cities serviced by BSNL and also at select Customer Service Centers in your city.

How to activate a BSNL postpaid plan?

You can activate your favourite BSNL postpaid mobile plan by sending the required SMS keyword to 123, assuming your account balance is sufficient. Customers can also use the USSD shortcode of the matching plan or recharge offer to activate any BSNL prepaid and postpaid offer.

What is the cost of a BSNL postpaid SIM?

There is no cost of BSNL postpaid SIM. You need to pay an activation fee of Rs. 100 and choose a recharge package.

BSNL postpaid – Billing Information

There are various options to pay BSNL postpaid bills. You can either directly pay the bills through the official portal of BSNL or use UPI applications for the same.

How to check the BSNL postpaid bill?

  1. To access, enter your username and password.
  2. Select Wireless from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Mobile Number / Account Number from the drop-down menu.
  4. The amount of your current bill as well as the number of unbilled charges will be revealed.


How to pay the BSNL postpaid bill?

There are various methods to pay BSNL postpaid bills. You can go to the nearest BSNL office in your area and pay your bills at the counter, or you can use internet banking for paying your BSNL postpaid bill.

BSNL postpaid online bill payment

If you don’t want to go to your nearest BSNL office for paying your postpaid bill, you can do it online in the comforts of your home. You can do this by visiting the official BSNL website, BSNL app, or various UPI payment apps.

Bill payment via BSNL website

  1. Open the Quick Pay portal: Go to to pay your BSNL bills quickly.
  2. Choose a service: Click on individual bills for your postpaid bills.
  3. Enter your number: Enter the phone number, including the area code and the STD code.
  4. Provide your contact information: Enter your email address and your and Mobile Number.
  5. Security: Enter the captcha code. (Refresh the captcha code if the operation is running slowly and you want to enter again)
  6. Submit: To proceed to the payment channel, click Submit.
  7. Make a payment: Click on Pay Now only after ensuring you have reviewed the client and bill details.
  8. Select Payment Gateway: Choose between Tech Process and Bill Desk from the many online payment services available.
  9. Complete the payment process: To make a payment, select a payment gateway from the drop-down menu.
  10. Receipt: Review the digital receipt and print it if necessary for the paid bill, which contains all of the necessary information like Receipt Number, Transaction No., Bill Number, and Bill Date.


Bill payment via My BSNL app

  1. First, open the My BSNL app.
  2. To pay your bills, go to Bill Pay. View all of the linked accounts.
  3. Select the Landline/Broadband/FTTH number from the drop-down menu.
  4. Pay with your credit card by clicking on the Pay button.
  5. Enter your mobile phone number and email address to receive SMS and mail updates.
  6. Choose any of the available payment methods.
  7. Payment Gateway should be selected.
  8. Continue with the payment by clicking Continue Payment.


Bill payment via (UPI) payment apps

You can also pay your BSNL postpaid plan bills with the help of UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon Pay. You can simply go to the bill payment section of these applications and select BSNL postpaid bills.

BSNL Postpaid – Reviews

When it comes to postpaid recharge options, BSNL offers the most affordable beginner packages. But there are several issues with BSNL’s services. The internet speeds are very slow. BSNL also suffers from network issues. Customer support is also not as good as its competitors.

BSNL postpaid customer reviews

While the customers praise the affordability of the plans, there is some disappointment regarding the network connectivity issues and internet speed of the BSNL postpaid plans.

“Good network, very transparent. In spite of all the negative actions taken by the Government, BSNL is doing a good job without the support of the Government. This is because of the trust and confidence the general public have in BSNL.” – rsnair1960

“The internet speed is low and I can’t even download or load a video properly. I think it can be improved. One thing I like is the pricing for a lot of data is low but it is of no use.” – Sunithasamuel, Kannur


BSNL Postpaid Customer Care information

There is always someone to talk to at BSNL’s customer support department. If you are experiencing a network or business-related problem, or if you have any questions or concerns about your service, you can contact them directly. The best advice is given to you by knowledgeable customer service representatives.

BSNL Toll-free number 1800-180-1503
BSNL Customer Care Number for other network operators 8003451500
BSNL number for inquiries related to new connection 1800-425-7007

How can I complain to BSNL?

BSNL has a comprehensive Fault Restoration System (FRS) that is implemented at the grassroots level to log complaints and guarantee that any faults are corrected as quickly as possible. This requires the customer to call Local Number 198 to schedule or register their complaint or grievance with the company.



What are the free services that come with BSNL postpaid?

BSNL offers freebies and benefits in form of free caller tunes, Eros Now subscription, access to Lokdhun content, and more.

Does BSNL have 4G?

Yes, BSNL Mobile has been offering 4G services in a few Indian telecom circles, according to the company. It has introduced LTE Band 1 in those circles in India by upgrading its existing 3G towers, which were previously used for 3G service.

Does BSNL postpaid have family plans?

Customers who subscribe to the BSNL Family plan (which costs Rs 1199 per month) will be provided with three SIM cards that allow them to make unlimited phone calls and use 1GB of data on each SIM every day. Also included is a fixed phone with unlimited calls and one landline network connection with a speed of 10 megabits per second and data consumption capacity up to 30 GB.

Can I get BSNL postpaid SIM online?

At this time, there is no such capability available on the internet. If you want to switch from your current BSNL Mobile postpaid plan to one of the new BSNL Mobile postpaid plans, you must submit a formal request to the appropriate BSNL authorities for migration.

Updated on 13 Apr, 2022

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