Jio Business: A Step Ahead For A Digital Future

In March 2021, Reliance Jio launched Jio Business Plans to help small and mid-size enterprises. The main goal of this technological suite was to ‘digitally transform’ 50 million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Jio Business Solutions include seven JioBusiness plans; the monthly rental ranges from ₹901 to ₹10,001. MSMEs often fail to grow into successful large entities due to a lack of integrated digital services. Hence, by leveraging the power of digital technologies on such enterprises, Jio aims to advance them into well-established firms.

Every plan has been introduced according to the requirements and scale of various enterprises. They are offered unlimited enterprise-grade fiber connectivity, unlimited voice calling through IP Centrex landline, fixed-mobile convergence, and digital integrity via Microsoft365, Outlook Email, One Drive, Teams, Jio Attendance, JioOnline, JioMeet, and Microsoft Teams. Let’s look at the features, plans and other important information on JioBusiness.

Last updated in: September 2022

JioBusiness Solutions

Large businesses require integrated solutions to increase productivity, connectivity, and scale operations. Organisations like Jio provide business solutions to various enterprises at an unmatched value. Jio Business solutions increase the functioning, management, and throughput of companies of different sizes and allow them to compete with large enterprises.

What is the JioBusiness solution?

Reliance Jio introduces Jio Business solutions as an initiative to transform several MSMEs digitally. Jio Businesses allows enterprises to take their business online and help them to engage customers across the customer lifecycle.

Jio Business offers competent and easy-to-use solutions for bridging the technological gap small businesses face. The Digital Services and solutions provided by Jio Business Plans promises to minimize cost, increase revenue, and overall productivity of the enterprise.

Who is it for?

Jio business plans are widely used across various domains, mostly by micro, small and intermediate companies, to develop a cost-effective and integrated system for managing and growing business. Often regarded as the first-of-its-kind, it is designed to help MSMEs effectively run their businesses.

What do you get with JioBusiness?

Jio's business plans are customized for the SMBs to grow into large entities with the one-stop digital solutions offered to them. Via Jio Business solutions, the enterprises can:

  • Get enhanced user experience with a better engagement ratio.
  • Receive special digitized advisors so that they are guided to select the right Jio Business Plans and solutions.
  • MSMEs will have to spend only 1/10th of the total cost for enterprise connectivity, productivity, and automation tools.
  • For remotely managing employees, licenses are issued to JioAttendance. 
  • The Digital Self-care portal lets enterprises view their billing details, plans, performance metrics, manage services, and raise requests/tickets. 
  • The membership will grant broadband speed up to 1 Gbps, unlimited voice calling, static IP, and even digitized software for better collaboration. 

What can you do with the JioBusiness Solution?

With the Jio business model, one can constructively integrate networks, leverage tools and devices, optimize input and enhance the output. All these Jio Business solutions and service providers like Reliance Retail, Jio platform, and Office 365 help the target businesses efficiently manage and run their companies. 

How to use JioBusiness?

Small-scale companies can use Jio Business for several solutions with data packages, voice services, and digital tools to run their business efficiently. All these can be attained by Jio Business plans and Jio Business apps for better management. 
Several companies adopt these business plans according to their demands. The customers can monitor their solutions from its Jio business app or Jio business login with features like making payments, monitoring performance dashboards, plan change, etc. 

What are JioBusiness Services?

Reliance Jio Business has launched its new business plans where small-scale businesses get the advantage. They receive financial aid, new techniques, upgraded devices, and data services with dynamic solutions.


Features of JioBusiness Services

JioBusiness services provide small and intermediate size businesses with effective business solutions to guide your company in the right direction. They enhance the customer experiences and reduce costs. Following are the services in the JioBusiness solutions.


High-speed internet with I Gbps symmetric upload and download speeds help establish robust enterprise-grade fiber connectivity. It is truly unlimited, and you also receive a static IP for a dedicated broadband internet connection.

Voice & Collaboration

IP Centrex ensures that the businesses can stay connected with unlimited voice calling anywhere in India. It offers real-time calling benefits and Fixed-Mobile convergence so that you never miss a call due to its simultaneous ringing.

Marketing Solutions

For growing online presence, interactive social media reach and messaging web solutions are provided under Jio Business plans for encouraging better marketing options. With the help of JioOnline, enterprises can now come online for customer engagement and enable online transactions.

Mobility Solutions

Effectively manage your employees remotely with the help of licenses issued to JioAttendance. It can easily show details regarding employee presence, location, attendance, and working hours.

Security solutions

With the help of Jio Meet, the firms will be able to discuss their daily matters at hand. It is so because this robust video conferring platform is a secured option for remote working.

Business applications

Jio Business plans also offer licenses for Microsoft 365 for business applications. It improves productivity with the help of Office Apps, Outlook mail, OneDrive storage, and Microsoft Teams.
Pro Benefit: The enterprises will also receive Digital First Business Membership that will grant benefits like extended warranty, discounts, and onsite support.

JioBusiness Plans

The size of businesses using Jio Business Plans varies from micro to intermediate. Thus selecting the right plan according to the demands in the business is a crucial step for businesses. All the plans are designed to benefit the SMBs in reducing overall operational costs and digitising their day-to-day operations.

What are the JioBusiness plans?

There are seven plans available for business provided by JioBusiness services starting from PLAN 901 to PLAN 10,001. The Jio Business Plans are listed below:

S No. Plan Price Per Month Speed Data FUP
1. PLAN 901 ₹901 100 Mbps 3300 GB
2. PLAN 1201 ₹1,201 150 Mbps 3300 GB
3. PLAN 2001 ₹2,001 300 Mbps 3300 GB
4. PLAN 3001 ₹3,001 500 Mbps 3300 GB
5. PLAN 5001 ₹5,001 1 Gbps 4500 GB
6. PLAN 7001 ₹7001 1 Gbps 6500 GB
7. PLAN 10001 ₹10,001 1 Gbps 10000 GB


What is the most popular Jio Business plan?

Jio Business has multiple plans depending on the kind of business. Their potential depends on how well they are utilized in the company. Mainly, the Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) benefit from Jio Business Solutions.

All the plans have fairly good features for their price. According to the benefits received in each of the seven plans, the most popular Jio Business Corporate plans (Postpaid) are:

Jio Corporate Plans Plan 3001 Plan 5001 Plan 7001 Plan 10001
Monthly Plan Rental ₹ 3001 ₹ 5001 ₹ 7001 ₹ 10001
One Time Refundable Amount ₹ 3000 ₹ 3000 ₹ 4000 ₹ 4000
Truly Unlimited Connectivity: Download + Upload Speed Up to 500 Mbps 1 Gbps     1 Gbps     1 Gbps    
High-Speed Internet Data/ Speed Post FUP 3300 GB / 2 Mbps 4500 GB / 2 Mbps 6500 GB / 5 Mbps 10000 GB / 10 Mbps
Unlimited Voice IP Centrex with Free voice anywhere in India 4 Lines 4 Lines 8 lines 8 lines
Fixed Mobile Convergence helps you never miss a business call Only 3 months introductory offer yes yes yes
Productivity: Microsoft 365with Office Apps, Outlook Email, OneDrive storage, and Microsoft Teams 6 Licenses 10 Licenses 15 Licenses 25 Licenses
JioAttendance* to manage employees remotely 10 Licenses 20 Licenses 30 Licenses 50 Licenses
Marketing: JioOnline to take your business online today Basic Pro Pro  Pro
Conferencing: JioMeet- Up to 24hrs. secure video conferencing NA 2 Licenses 3 Licenses 4 Licenses
Static IP(1 Public IP) NA Yes Yes Yes
Devices: Digital First Business membership from Reliance Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes

➡️ However, these are for medium enterprises. Smaller firms or startups may still avail the PLAN 901, PLAN 1201, and PLAN 2001. The benefits offered in each are given as follows:-

Jio Corporate Plans Plan 901 Plan 1201 Plan 2001
Monthly Plan Rental ₹901 ₹5001 ₹7001
One Time Refundable Amount ₹500 ₹3000 ₹3000
Truly Unlimited Connectivity: Download + Upload Speed Up to 100 Mbps 150 Mbps     300 Mbps    
High-Speed Internet Data/ Speed Post FUP 3300 GB 3300 GB / 1 Mbps 3300 GB / 1 Mbps
Unlimited Voice IP Centrex with Free voice anywhere in India 1 line 2 lines 3 lines
Fixed Mobile Convergence helps you never miss a business call NA 3 months introductory offer 3 months introductory offer
Productivity: Microsoft 365with Office Apps, Outlook Email, OneDrive storage, and Microsoft Teams NA 2 Licenses 4 Licenses
JioAttendance* to manage employees remotely NA 10 Licenses 10 Licenses
Marketing: JioOnline to take your business online today NA Basic Basic
Conferencing: JioMeet- Up to 24hrs. secure video conferencing NA NA NA
Static IP(1 Public IP) NA NA NA
Devices: Digital First Business membership from Reliance Digital NA NA NA


What is the cheapest plan by JioBusiness?

PLAN 901 is the cheapest plan by JioBusiness that costs ₹ 901 per month with 3300 GB FUP and 100 Mbps speed. It is for those micro-businesses who can spend ₹ 15,000-20,000 for connectivity, productivity, and automation tools. However, it is an introductory plan available for three months. 

How to get a Jio Business plan?

The steps to get a Jio Business Plan for small and medium-scale enterprises are listed below.

  1. Navigate to the official website of the company here and all the JioBusiness Bundle plans will appear.
  2. Register yourself (and your business) by selecting any one plan. You will be asked to leave your contact details.
  3. Wait till the Jio Business executive gets in touch with you.


JioBusiness contact information

Jio has built its brand value over the past few years by providing quality and effective solutions with efficient Jio Business customer care service working all day long. Jio Business solutions have specified their contact and mailing details for their customers to access them when required.

Contact numbers for JioBusiness solutions

Jio Business solutions provide 24×7 expert assistance for its users. In case of a problem, you may use the following contact information:


Email contact for JioBusiness solution

Jio Business solutions also help its customers through email support.



How can I buy JioBusiness Solution service for my business?

You can get a JioBusiness plan by becoming a Reliance member. Once you register for it and become a Reliance Extended Family member, you will receive an email containing a unique coupon. This link takes you to a user-specific campaign page, where you can buy the plan as per your requirements.

Are any devices bundled with JioBusiness Solution?

Yes. The Jio Business solution comes bundled with a Business gateway (ONT) and Voice gateway (IAD) device required to activate High-Speed Internet (HSI) and Jio IP Centrex services, respectively (on select plans).

Is voice calling free in the JioBusiness plans?

Yes, Jio Business provides several features that allow unlimited voice calling. It is available with an IP Centrix landline in all the seven plans released under Jio Business. For more details, visit the official website of Jio Business here.

Who should I reach out to for any issues with the Jio Business Solution service?

If you face any difficulty before or while availing of the Jio Business solution service, you may reach out to the official website of Jio Business here. Or, you may contact through:

  • Care Helpline for Enterprise Mobility Services: 1800-8899-333
  • Care Helpline for Enterprise Connectivity Services & Business Solutions: 1800-8899-444

Updated on 30 Mar, 2022

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