199 Postpaid Plans: Cheapest Postpaid Plans in India

Everyone wants to know about the cheapest postpaid plans. Many companies like Jio and BSNL have 199 postpaid plans with many additional perks. In this article, we will look at the 199 postpaid plans in India as well as other postpaid plans offered by the telecom operators.

Last updated in: September 2022

What are the ₹199 postpaid plans?

Postpaid plans starting from 199 Rupees are offered by a few telecom providers in India as they are entry-level postpaid plans. These plans are reasonably priced and include a slew of additional features in addition to data. As part of the new 199 postpaid plans, postpaid customers get mobile internet and unlimited free voice calls and SMSes, amongst other benefits.


Which mobile operators offer 199 postpaid plans?

Telecom companies like Jio and BSNL have 199 postpaid offers. The new Jio ₹199 plan, includes extra 25GB of data for the whole month as well as unlimited local and STD calls. The subscription also includes one hundred SMSes each day. The ₹199 rate is Reliance Jio’s cheapest postpaid package. This bundle gives 25GB of high-speed 4G data for a monthly plan fee of ₹199. After that, every 1GB of data you consume on your smartphone will cost you ₹20.

Which is the most popular 199 postpaid plan?

Reliance Jio, the largest cellular provider, provides low-cost postpaid plans with a slew of extra features. The telco’s cheapest product is priced at ₹199. For ₹199 per month, Jio provides a total of 25GB of data.

Price Data Calling SMS Benefits
₹199 25 GB Unlimited Unlimited Complimentary subscription to Jio App, including JioTV, JioCinema, Saavn and unlimited caller tunes.

List of all 199 postpaid plans

Currently, Jio and BSNL are the only two operators that provide 199 postpaid plans. The benefits and perks of these plans are discussed in this article.

Airtel postpaid plans 199

As of today, Airtel does not offer a 199 postpaid facility. But the Airtel user has nothing to worry about since the company is known for providing the best of offers and will most likely bring something interesting and exciting soon.

Does Airtel have 199 postpaid plans?

To date, there are no ₹199 postpaid plans from Airtel. However, there are other postpaid plans that you could choose. These plans start from ₹399 per month. 

What is the cheapest postpaid plan by Airtel?

Airtel’s ₹399 postpaid package offers 40GB of data per month at 3G or 4G LTE speeds for the lowest monthly cost. Unlimited calls to all networks in the nation and 100 SMSes per day are also included in the plan.

Plan name Data Calls SMS Thanks rewards
Postpaid Plan 399 40 GB Unlimited 100 per day Xtreme Subscription and handset protection

How can I check my Airtel postpaid plan?

You may get a copy of your most recent Airtel postpaid bill by sending the word BILL to 121. Sending an SMS with the code ‘BP’ to 121 will provide you with information about your current billing plan. Sending a text message to 121 with the word PAY will allow you to see all of your past payments.

Jio postpaid plans 199

Jio Postpaid Plan 199 is the starting plan offered by the operator. These are the features of this plan:

Price Data Calling SMS Benefits
₹199 25 GB Unlimited Unlimited Complimentary subscription to Jio App, including JioTV, JioCinema, Saavn and unlimited caller tunes.

What are the details of Jio’s postpaid plan 199?

For ₹199 plus taxes per month, Jio has announced a new postpaid package that includes unlimited phone calls, unlimited SMS, access to premium Jio apps, and a 25 GB allotment of high-speed internet. If a consumer uses up all of their high-speed data allotment, they would be charged ₹20 per GB.

What are the benefits of the Jio 199 postpaid plan?

  • There is no charge for local, STD, or national roaming calls.
  • 4G VoLTE is a high-speed Internet service based on 4G technology
  • service for synchronising data.
  • Every day, more than 100 SMS messages are delivered to various mobile phone numbers.
  • The coverage throughout the country is outstanding.
  • The billing cycle is 30 days long.
  • Paying your bills electronically is a time-saving convenience.


How to get the Jio 199 postpaid plan?

For existing Jio postpaid customers, go to “Change Plan” in the MyJio app or on Jio.com. You may be asked to pay a refundable security deposit depending on the package you choose. The new plan will come into effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.
If you are a new postpaid customer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Please visit any of the Jio outlets near you.
  2. Make sure to take your Aadhaar card, proof of identity, and address proof in order to apply for a new service
  3. In addition to the JioPrime membership cost of ₹99, the ₹199 plan requires a refundable deposit of ₹250.
  4. You will receive a new postpaid Jio SIM with a ₹199 plan.


BSNL postpaid plan 199

The lowest BSNL postpaid plan in India is the ₹199 plan. Users may take advantage of this plan’s nationwide roaming and HPLMN’s unlimited on-net voice service for 300 minutes per month. There is a 75GB data rollover and 100 free SMSes per month included with the 25GB of data. The plan is best suited for those who take up very few minutes in phone calls and very little data.

Price Voice calls  Data Data Rollover SMS
199 Unlimted 25 GB 75 GB 100 Daily

What are the features of BSNL 199 plan?

We have listed down the features of BSNL’s 199 postpaid plan. Read to find out more.

  • The BSNL ₹199 postpaid plan comes with 300 minutes of internet usage and unlimited on-net and off-net calls.
  •  Additionally, it has a rollover capacity of up to 25GB of data.
  • Rs 10 per GB after the first grant period has expired. 
  • You can also send 100 free SMSes .


How to activate BSNL 199 postpaid plan?

Customers using BSNL postpaid mobile services, like those with prepaid mobile services, may avail of comparable features such as data activation, deactivation, and subscription by sending Start to 1925.

What are the other BSNL postpaid plans?

Monthly Charges in Rs. Benefits
Rs. 199 Unlimited free voice calls, 25 GB (with a data rollover allowance of up to 75 GB), and 100 SMS/day are offered, with no additional family connections.
Rs.399 The plan includes unlimited voice calls, 70 GB (with a data rollover allowance of up to 210 GB), and no additional family connections.
Rs.525 The plan includes unrestricted voice calls, 100 messages, 85 GB (with data rollover up to 255 GB permitted), and one additional family SIM card with unlimited calls.
Rs.798 There are no restrictions on the number of voice calls, 50 GB data and 150 GB rollover and the number of family connections. Each family connection has unlimited phone calls, 50 GB of data, and 100 SMSes per day.
Rs.999 225 GB of data rollover is permitted. There are three family connections, each of which has unlimited phone calls, 75GB of data, and 100 SMS/day. Three family connections can share the same amount of data as a single connection.
Rs.1,525 Unlimited voice conversations, 100 SMS per day, and unlimited internet with no speed restrictions are available, with no additional family connections.

Vodafone-Idea (Vi) postpaid plan 199

Vi postpaid plans start from ₹399 and offer data, voice calls, and other benefits. Vi only has a prepaid plan for ₹199 and no postpaid plan yet.

Does Vi have 199 postpaid plan?

Vi doesn’t have any 199 postpaid plans as of now.

What is the cheapest postpaid plan by Vi?

The cheapest Vi pack costs ₹399 per month. It comes with 40 GB of data and a maximum of 200 GB of data rollover. In addition, you get 100 SMS each month and genuinely unlimited phone calls.

Price Data Voice Calls

399 40 GB Unlimited 100 Daily

Additionally, this package comes with a Vi Movies & TV subscription. Full access to premium movies, originals, live TV, news and more is included in this subscription. There are no over-the-top perks included in this plan.


Is Jio 199 postpaid plan available?

Yes, Jio has one 199 postpaid plan, which offers free voice calls, 100 SMSes every day, and 25 GB of data per month.

How to get a postpaid plan online?

Go to the website of the service provider of your choice, go through their current plans, choose the one that best meets your needs, and complete the payment process.

What is the starting price of Airtel's postpaid plans?

Airtel has several great postpaid plans available throughout India, ranging from ₹399 to ₹1,599 based on your use and interest. These options include a one-year OTT subscription at no extra cost (depending on the plan), unlimited calling, and high-speed 4G VoLTE data.

Updated on 13 Apr, 2022

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