RailWire Broadband: RailTel’s Express Network

The image of Indian Railways has drastically improved over the past years. From lessening the time between travel to including free wifi for its customers, the railway ministry has transformed dramatically, especially since the advent of RailWire broadband. RailWire is the broadband service provided by RailTel, a Mini Ratna PSU under the Ministry of Indian Railways that is responsible for offering broadband connections to remotest parts of India. Established on September 26, 2000, RailTel puts forth an effort to make high-speed internet available to the common man via RailWire Broadband services.
Last update: November 2022

After its initial struggle, the concept of RailWire has become a backbone for several small companies and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) providers as well. As of now, there are multiple plans offered by RailWire along with the segregation of fiber devices. In the blog, we have given insights into RailWire broadband, benefits, plans, availability, hidden installation charges, and more. RailWire broadband plans start at just ₹ 499.

RailWire – Broadband Information

RailWire is a commercial broadband service launched by RailTel that works on a Public-Private Local Entrepreneur (PPLE) Model. To make its service fast and inexpensive, RailWire makes uses collaborative environments provided by RailTel,Managed Service Provider (MSP), Aggregation Network Provider (AGNP), and Access Network Provider (ANP).

What is RailWire Broadband?

RailWire was established by RailTel to fulfill the major objective of improving the present railway condition, and controlling the communication system. It presently has 3.25 lakh home customers and curates a wide coverage of 5200 local network infrastructure partners.

Starting from 10 Mbps at less than ₹500 for unlimited data plans, RailWire Broadband has a variety of services for its customers.

Who is the owner of RailWire Broadband?

RailWire is a RailTel-provided broadband service that offers internet connectivity even to the remotest part.

What are the power factors of Railwire Broadband?

RailWire has an ecosystem of more than 4,000 entrepreneurs and its subscriber base has also skyrocketed in recent years. It was possible due to the power factors of RailWire Broadband that made RailTel the most trusted company in terms of broadband business:

  • It provides one of the fastest and cheapest internet facilities to the common man as compared to other telecom companies

  • It utilizes the most advanced optical fiber router for its ONT and ONU installations

  • RailWire offers multiple plans starting from 2 Mbps to 200 Mbps along with top-ups, unlimited internet, and FUP plans. 

What are the benefits of getting Railwire Broadband?

Benefits of getting a RailWire broadband service instead of other multi broadband service providers are as follows:

  • Fast Internet: As it is based on optical fiber, RailWire offers high-speed internet facilities to users
  • Affordability: There are no hidden charges and the costs are quite reasonable as compared to the pricing options of other broadband service providers.
  • Customer care: Customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email and phone. They also help to deal with billing problems.
  • Online payment: Net banking, money wallets, debit cards, and credit cards are all accepted ways of payment. Furthermore, customers may effortlessly make payments using the app.
  • Multiple Plans: There are numerous plans to select from, including FUP plans, Unlimited Home Plans, SME Plans, and BOD Plans.
  • Access to knowledge: Customers can also contact the Knowledge Base if they have any questions about the services.

What is the average download and upload speed of Railwire Broadband?

While Railwire offers various broadband plans that provide data speed (and FUP limit) depending upon the needs of customers, the average download and upload speeds are around 15-25 Mbps. However, connections for 10 Mbps and less are also available.

What are the Railwire Broadband plans?

RailWire offers various broadband plans for its users. Competing with telecom giants like Airtel, BSNL, and JioFiber, RailWire provides broadband service across 70% of rural areas. It also extends its service to cities like Karnataka, Punjab, Kerala, Telangana, etc.

Broadband plans provided by RailWire include the following:

Unlimited Plans
10 mbps ₹ 499
20 mbps ₹ 599
50 mbps ₹799
100 mbps ₹ 999
150 mbps ₹ 1,499
200 mbps ₹ 1,899

FUP Plans
2 mbps 100GB ₹ 599 512_kbps
4 mbps 100GB ₹ 799 512_kbps
5 mbps 90GB ₹ 699 512_kbps
6 mbps 50GB ₹ 499 512_kbps
8 mbps 60GB ₹ 899 512_kbps
8 mbps 100GB ₹ 999 512_kbps
8 mbps 120GB ₹ 849 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 30GB ₹ 449 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 70GB ₹ 649 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 80GB ₹ 1,099 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 100GB ₹ 599 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 120GB ₹ 1,249 1mbps_kbps
10 Mbps 200GB ₹ 1,349 1mbps_kbps
16 mbps 100GB ₹ 1,099 2mbps_kbps
20 mbps 100GB ₹ 1,499 2mbps_kbps
20 mbps 200GB ₹ 699 1mbps_kbps
20 mbps 200GB ₹ 1,899 2mbps_kbps
40 mbps 60GB ₹ 999 1mbps_kbps
40 mbps 120GB ₹ 1,399 2mbps_kbps
40 mbps 300GB ₹ 799 1mbps_kbps
50 mbps 200GB ₹ 2,499 2mbps_kbps
50 mbps 400GB ₹ 899 1mbps_kbps
60 mbps 150GB ₹ 1,699 2mbps_kbps
75 mbps 500GB ₹ 949 1mbps_kbps
80 mbps 180GB ₹ 1,899 2mbps_kbps
100 mbps 250GB ₹ 2,699 2mbps_kbps
100 mbps 350GB ₹ 999 1mbps_kbps
100 mbps 400GB ₹ 1,099 1mbps_kbps
100 mbps 500GB ₹ 2,999 2mbps_kbps
125 mbps 750GB ₹ 1,249 1mbps_kbps
150 mbps 750GB ₹ 1,499 1mbps_kbps
200 mbps 1000GB ₹ 1,949 1mbps_kbps

Top-Up Plans for FUP Users
5GB ₹ 149
10GB ₹ 249
25GB ₹ 199
50GB ₹ 299
100GB ₹ 499

Welcome Broadband Plans
10 Mbps 5GB per day 30 days ₹ 299
10 Mbps 5GB per day 90 days ₹ 499
10 Mbps 10GB per day 30 days ₹ 599
10 Mbps 10GB per day 90 days ₹ 999

Long term plans
  10 days extra 90 DAYS
  30 days extra 180 DAYS
  60 days extra 300 DAYS

Railwire Broadband plans in Delhi

Railwire Broadband plans in Delhi
₹ 599/mo 20 mbps Apply
₹ 999/mo 100 mbps Apply
₹ 799/mo 50 mbps Apply

Railwire Broadband plans in Bangalore

Railwire Broadband plans in Bangalore
₹ 599/mo 20 mbps Apply
₹ 999/mo 100 mbps Apply
₹ 799/mo 50 mbps Apply

Railwire Broadband plans in Hyderabad

Railwire Broadband plans in Hyderabad
₹ 499/mo 20 mbps Apply
₹ 999/mo 100 mbps Apply
₹ 599/mo 50 mbps Apply

Railwire Broadband plans in Chennai

Railwire Broadband plans in Chennai
₹ 599/mo 20 mbps Apply
₹ 999/mo 100 mbps Apply
₹ 799/mo 50 mbps Apply

Railwire Broadband plans in Mumbai

Railwire Broadband plans in Mumbai
₹ 599/mo 20 mbps Apply
₹ 999/mo 100 mbps Apply
₹ 799/mo 50 mbps Apply

What are the terms and conditions of Railwire Broadband plans?

The terms and conditions that the customer should abide by while availing RailWire Broadband plans include:

  • The minimum data/internet speeds are the guaranteed access speeds up to the gateway

  • All time references are and should be made in ‘hh:mm:hours’ format. 

  • Discount charges are applicable before service tax and charges for static IP addresses are extra. Also, the credits/or any discounts are credited to the subscriber's account only at the time of renewal. 

  • All services abide by statutory regulations (tax and statutory regulations are susceptible to change without notice).

  • Discounts are forfeited in case of disconnection and they are only applicable on usage-based billing packages. 

What are the OTT benefits with Railwire Broadband plans?

RailWire offers no OTT benefits for its users. However, it provides one of the fastest 200 Mbps plans along with both unlimited and FUP limit data plans suitable for people belonging to all spheres of work.

How to get a new Railwire Broadband connection?

For getting a new RailWire Broadband connection, the customer has to apply online. There is also an app (RailWire Subscriber) that allows the user to see their data usage, plan selection, invoices and pay for recharge (It works only if the user is registered online and received an account).

How to get a Railwire Broadband connection online?

To get a Railwire broadband connection online, follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the site:  Rail internet connection  
  2. Fill in the application form with accurate details. 
  3. Wait till the team contacts you for more information. 

How to find out if Railwire Broadband is available in your area?

To know if RailWire is available in your area, go through the list of cities present under the heading of ‘Enter your Circle.’ Also, contact the customer care service for more information regarding the same.

What are the installation charges for Railwire Broadband?

Railwire Broadband offers broadband services to the remotest parts; it efficiently sets up connections (usually in the customer’s house). Therefore, the pricing varies depending upon the location and the unit that must be installed.

Also, the type of unit depends upon the available space. The RailWire routers are divided into two categories, ONU and ONT. If a router is installed at home, ONU will be used, otherwise ONT.

  • Price of Device: The device costs around ₹4000-4500. Plus, the pricing of ONT and ONU differs based on requirement
  • Additional Charges: An extra security charge of ₹1000 is levied which is refundable upon cancellation of RailWire broadband services. 

Is it possible to shift Railwire Broadband service to another location?

Through the RailWire Subscriber app, the customer may raise a ticket requesting for location change. Or, the user may contact customer care regarding the same. If the relocation area comes under the coverage of RailWire broadband, it would be possible to shift.

Although RailWire follows a one-time installation costing ₹3000 (max), it still depends upon the customer premise and ANP’s feasibility.

Making broadband bill payment

Railwire Broadband – Bill Payment

RailWire Broadband offers plenty of online payment options for customers. The users can pay through the RailWire Subscriber app.

  1. Visit the Google PlayStore
  2. Find RailWire Subscriber
  3. Download it
  4. Login with your registered mobile number. 

How to pay the Railwire Broadband bill online?

You may either sign in to your account online or on the app. For signing in online:

  1. Go to [state code].railwire.co.in
  2. Enter account details and sign in. 

To pay for bills, follow the given steps (for both online and app users after logging in):

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Find the ‘Recharge’ tab and click on it
  3. Choose renew account and select a recharge plan
  4. Pay the fee by clicking on ‘Recharge’

The user may pay through credit or debit card, NetBanking, or wallets (like Paytm).

How to check the internet usage of Railwire Broadband?

Users may check the data usage details on the RailWire subscriber app:

Go to home screen
Find the tab ‘Data Usage’ and click on it

  1. Go to home screen 
  2. Find the tab ‘Data Usage’ and click on it

Railwire Broadband Customer Service

RailWire promises 24×7 customer support for its users. The panels for receiving queries are open from the Customer Support Line, Customer Support Email Accounts, Head Office, and Regional Office Addresses.

Railwire Broadband Customer Care number

Railwire Broadband Customer Care number
Technical Support Customer Care number
+91 8010139139
+91 9221279570

Railwire Broadband Customer Support Email ID

The customer support email IDs include the following:

Railwire Broadband customer support email ID
Technical Support Email Id Support email
Billing Email Id billing@railwire.co.in
Feedback Email Id connect.ka@railwire.co.in
Sales Support Email Id support.ka@railwire.co.in


Which router is best for Railwire Broadband?

RailTel utilizes Wifi Geopon, an optical fiber router, for providing its RailWire Broadband services. Even though the advancement made in the router has raised the costs, it has also magnified its efficiency for the users.

What is the recommended fiber device by Railwire Broadband?

RailWire Broadband provides the option of two fiber devices: ONT and ONU. ONU is installed in households, otherwise, ONT is installed. The most recommended one is ONU as RailWire seeks to extend its services to almost all customer domains.

Does Railwire Broadband provide unlimited internet?

Yes, RailWire Broadband provides several plans and one of them is unlimited internet. To look for more details and know the cities it covers visit Railwire´s website.

Is Railwire Broadband better than Jio Fiber?

RailWire Broadband offers one of the fastest 200 Mbps as well as the cheapest plans when compared with telecom giants like Jio Fiber. Along with one of the best routers (advanced Wifi Geopon), it definitely proves better than Jio Fiber both in terms of cost and efficiency.

Updated on 8 Jun, 2022

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