Tikona Broadband: Read about Plans, Billing, and Customer Care

The world has witnessed a constant surge in broadband users over the past few years. Choosing the right broadband provider for personal or professional use is a task for people in India. This has given rise to several broadband providers like Tikona Broadband to come up as a solution to an ever-increasing need for internet connectivity. Broadband providers like Tikona Broadband Network focus on providing affordable data plans with good connectivity and speed.
Last updated in: November 2022

The following blog contains a review of Tikona broadband and other key information vital to Tikona Infinet Private Limited.

Tikona Broadband – Key Information

With an increasing network, Tikona Infinet Private Limited is gaining prominence in the broadband industry in India. It is considered one of the largest internet service providers that deliver high-speed wireless internet and unlimited data plans. Tikona broadband provides its services to home and enterprise customers in the major cities of India. Established by veterans of the telecom industry, Tikona is known to comply with excellence and the highest standards of corporate governance. It has successfully built one of the largest mobile, enterprise, broadband, and DTH services networks.

Tikona broadband offers plans for homes as well as businesses. Plans for homes start from ₹567, and for businesses, the plans start from ₹4,949. The average speed of Tikona Broadband is around 4.6 Mbps. Read more about the plans, pricing, speed, and availability in detail below.

What types of services are offered by Tikona Broadband?

Tikona Broadband was initiated in 2008 as Tikona Digital Networks, and later they acquired HCL Infinet from HCL Infosystems to expand their services to enterprises. Currently, the basic services offered by Tikona broadband are:

  1. Wireless Broadband – Tikona offers telecommunication technology that provides its users with high-speed wireless internet access over a wide area. Wireless services are gaining popularity in large established industries and even rural areas without cable or DSL connections.
  2. Broadband Services – Tikona Infinet Private Limited provides broadband services in which a wide bandwidth data transmission system is used for transferring signals at a wide range of frequencies. Optical fibre, coaxial cable, etc. are the basic mediums usually preferred for providing broadband services.
  3. Internet Services – Tikona also provides internet services. They act as the gateway or the access point that provides the customers with access to everything available on the internet. Its basic services may include internet access, domain name registration, web hosting, and internet transit.


What are the benefits of Tikona Broadband connection?

Tikona Broadband connection is gaining popularity due to its customers’ services and range of plans. Some of the major benefits of Tikona broadband connection are listed below.

  • Supportive Customer Care – Tikona offers on-call tech support where they provide efficient customer care support for attending to and solving all the difficulties faced by the users.
  • Tikona Broadband Login – They ensure a secure network by providing Tikona login features and WPA2 for every broadband connection. Tikona broadband login IP address ensures a separate and secure address for internet connection.
  • Secure Login – The brand ensures a secure network by providing Tikona login features and WPA2 for every broadband connection. Tikona broadband login IP address gives a separate and secure address for internet connection.
  • Afforable Plans – Tikona provides a range of broadband plans with high speed and affordable rates. This allows Tikona to have a diverse customer base, enjoying broadband plans according to their requirements.

What are the limitations of Tikona Broadband?

Although broadband connections by Tikona Infinet Private Limited provide several benefits, they still need to overcome some limitations mentioned below:

  • Connectivity issues – In some areas, Tikona broadband connection may suffer from bad network coverage. Also, there are significant speed drops at times.
  • Low speed at peak hours – Due to high traffic at peak hours, users may face issues with the speed of the network.
  • Unavailability at every location – Tikona currently works in a limited number of cities in India, and hence, its availability in every location is another drawback to the broadband providers.

What is the average speed offered by Tikona Broadband?

Tikona Broadband offers a range of packages based on various data limits, speeds, and price ranges. The speed offered by the broadband providers may differ from region to region, and the average speed of Tikona broadband is somewhere around 4.6 Mbps. This is the overall average speed of broadband in all the cities of India, and its actual speed may vary at different locations and different timings.

Tikona broadband plans

Tikona Broadband Plans

Tikona Broadband Network has marked its presence in more than 25 major cities of India. They are renowned for delivering performance with affordable data plans. Their consistency, quality, and customer support are testimony to their brand value.

What are the different types of Tikona Broadband plans?

Tikona Broadband is gaining prominence in the broadband industry due to its services, plans, and user-friendly platform. They provide a range of broadband plans, and these plans can be broadly categorised into 4 major divisions based on their validity. These are:

  • One Month Plan
  • Three Months Plan
  • Six Months Plan
  • Yearly Plan

These plans further have various sub-plans based on speed and data limits. The plans that have high speed, unlimited data limit, and one-year validity are the costliest of all.

What are the popular Tikona Broadband plans?

The Tikona Broadband plans are as follows:

Tikona Broadband plans
Plan Speed Validity FUP Limit Price (in ₹)
40 Mbps 1 Month Unlimited ₹ 599
100 Mbps 1 Month Unlimited ₹ 699
150 Mbps 1 Month Unlimited ₹ 799
100 Mbps 3 Month Unlimited ₹ 2097
150 Mbps 3 Month Unlimited ₹ 2397

Tikona offers free installation for long term plans and installations usually cost around ₹ 1,000.

What are the Tikona Broadband plans for office use?

The Tikona Broadband plans for the office use are as follows:

Tikona Broadplans for office use
Plan Speed Validity FUP Limit Price (in ₹)
60 Mbps 12 Months Unlimited ₹8,482
100 Mbps 6 Months Unlimited ₹4,949
150 Mbps 6 Months Unlimited ₹5,657

Which is the cheapest Tikona Broadband plan?

Tikona Broadband offers a range of plans based on speed, data limit, and price. Based on their requirements and budget, customers can choose any broadband plan. One of the cheapest broadband plans offered by Tikona is “Tikona 30 Mbps Speed for ₹567 per 1 Month.”

Tikona´s cheapest Broadband plan
Plan Speed Validity FUP Limit Price (in ₹)
30 Mbps 1 Month Unlimited ₹ 567

Estimated time: 2 minutes

How to get a Tikona Broadband connection?

Tikona broadband is known for its speed, performance, reliability, and consistency in the broadband sector. To enjoy data plans and services by Tikona, one needs to get a Tikona broadband connection. The steps to get Tikona broadband installation may differ based on its mode of request. You can send the request for a broadband connection in the online or offline mode.


How to get a Tikona Broadband connection online?

To get a Tikona broadband connection online, one needs to follow these steps:

  1. Visit Tikona’s official page at www.tikona.in.
  2. Hover to the drop-down menu and select the “Book Now” option.
  3. Fill out the registration form, click on “Ask For Sales Visit” and then wait for their reply.
  4. Once you hear it from them and confirm the availability of plans and connections in your area, select the plan according to your budget and requirement.
  5. Then complete the registration process with documents submission and complete the payment.


How to get a Tikona Broadband connection offline?

To get a Tikona broadband connection through offline mode, one needs to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the store of your nearby Tikona Broadband providers.
  2. Ask them about your area’s availability, price, services, and plans.
  3. If everything is available, choose the right plan according to your requirements.
  4. Submit the required documents and proofs and complete the registration process.
  5. Then pay for the required plan and get your broadband connection installed.


How to disconnect a Tikona Broadband connection?

Suppose you face any problem regarding speed, connectivity, consistency, or relocation. In that case, you can contact Tikona’s customer support and ask them to fix the problem that arose or get your connection disconnected. You can do this by sending a request to disconnect the network via SMS or email. The message should contain a valid reason, current plan, and user ID.

For disconnecting the plan, you can send a request to the below mentioned contacts:
Email: customercare@tikona.in
Contact number: 1860 3000 3434


Tikona Broadband – Recharge & Bill Payment

With their vision to make a powerful broadband-enabled India, Tikona is trying to build a network with people having access to high-speed wireless internet at affordable prices and easy recharge and bill payment facilities.

How to recharge your Tikona connection?

Tikona broadband provides several data packages at different price ranges. The validity of these plans may vary from a month to a year. Once the plan validity ends, the user needs to recharge their plan. This could be done by various modes like:

Recharging Tikona Broadband online

Follow the steps below to recharge your broadband online:

  • Visit the Tikona web portal or app.
  • Select the “Quick Bill Pay” option.
  • Enter the User ID and click on Continue.
  • Select the plan or amount to be paid.
  • Finally, confirm to complete the payment procedure.

Recharging Tikona Broadband by cash

To recharge the Tikona broadband plan through cash, you can use the home pick-up facility. Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Hand over the cash amount to the authorised Tikona representative.
  2. You can avail this service by contacting Tikona’s customer support via helpline number or email.
  3. This facility costs an extra charge of ₹50 per instance of payment.

Another way to pay through cash needs the following steps to be followed

  1. Visit the nearby store of Tikona broadband service providers.
  2. Give them your User ID, and plan details.
  3. Pay them the recharge amount in cash and complete the payment process.
  4. And finally, take the authorised payment receipt from the retailer.


Recharging Tikona Broadband by cheque

Recharging the broadband plan by cheque could simply be done by the following-

  • Drop Boxes – The cheque or Demand Draft (DD) made for payment may be dropped at designated centres like authorised banks in partnership with Tikona.
  • By Courier – The cheque or DD can be sent by courier facility to Tikona Infinet Private Limited nearest centre.
  • Home Pick-up Facility – The subscriber hands over the cheque to a Tikona authorised representative who personally comes to pick up the cheque. This facility can be availed at Tikona customer support and add an extra ₹50 charge per instance.

Tikona Broadband – Reviews & Customer Care

Tikona broadband is known for its fast and uninterrupted internet. Their customer support system is another strong pillar of their brand, and their customer’s reviews and ratings are a testimony to this fact.

“Since there was an issue I was facing using Tikona, TEJASWINI patiently listened to my concern and guided me accordingly, and finally, the issue was resolved. I would like to appreciate her initiative to resolve my concern and heartily say to continue with this attitude, and I am damn sure you will be on the next level soon”. By- Raj

“Hello Team,
I was having an internet disconnection issue. I was facing difficulty accessing the internet after powering on and off.Kiran R (Network Engineer) 80XXXXXX96 has resolved the issue. I am fully satisfied with his services. Feedback: Good. Thank you.”

Abhishek Mishra

“Hi, Tikona is PARASITE…Worst service provider…It should be banned…you will face horrible experience starting from installation to disconnection procedure. Customer service is pathetic and handicapped and will not be able to solve your issues. Finally when you decide to discontinue their so called service they still continue to generate bill even if you are not able to use internet. And ultimately they start doing threat calls saying that a case has been filed against you for billing issue. This company is loaded with bunch of illiterate people who dont even know how to talk.”– Bora Bas

Tikona Broadband Customer Care Contacts

Tikona Infinet Private Limited is a renowned brand in India. It has maintained its name due to its excellence in performance, quality, consistency, and customer care support. To troubleshoot the problems faced by their customers, you can call Tikona customer support via:



🤔 Can I check my Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband Service Bill on the mobile phone?

✅ Yes, you can check the secured broadband service bill on the mobile phone. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Tikona's official page at www.tikona.in.
  2. Select the Quick Pay option.
  3. Enter the valid User ID and click on Continue.
  4. Click on Fetch Bill.


🤔 What happens if I do not pay the Tikona Broadband Service bill by the due date?

You are charged with late payment charges with the upcoming bill. The due payment reminders are constantly sent to you via SMS and emails.


🤔 How do I know what the actual speed of my Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service?

To know the actual speed of Tikona Broadband in your building or area, you need to:

  1. Visit the Tikona website at www.tikona.in.
  2. Select the "Check coverage in your Building" option.
  3. It takes you to another page offering you services to check coverage, speed, and plans according to your preferences.
  4. Select the "Check Speed in your building" option.
  5. Enter your area pin code and mobile number and click on "Check coverage in your neighbourhood."
    The availability and speed of your broadband connection are displayed on your screen.


🤔 How to change the current Tikona Broadband plan?

To change a Tikona Broadband plan, one needs to send a request to Tikona's customer support either via SMS or mail, mentioning the details like a request to change the plan, current plan, new plan required, and user ID.


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