Our methodology to rank suppliers

At Switcheroo, our goal is to give people control over their subscriptions by sparing them the hassle of undertaking the many procedures involved in comparing, purchasing, switching, or cancelling their internet subscriptions.

What kind of contracts do we offer?

At Switcheroo, we want to lift the burden of administrative routines including one of the most consistent of them all: your internet supply. Because we believe everyone has better things to do than spending so much time browsing plans, exploring suitable offers, finding answers to their queries, and more. Because we believe everyone should be able to focus on what really matters.

To that end we provide users with simple, clear and useful information about the complex telecom market. To that same end we also put forward information on the mobile and broadband suppliers available in the Indian market and all the different tariffs, services, and benefits they provide. We’ll mainly focus on:

  • Prepaid Mobile plans
  • Postpaid Mobile plans
  • Prepaid Broadband plans & offers
  • Postpaid Broadband plans & offers
  • Information related to mobile and broadband
  • Detailed comparisons between service providers
  • Latest updates from the telecom market

Our experts will be available to assist you with the kind of tariffs best suited to your specific needs and aspirations. We have a responsibility to find the best information and deals on the market for the people who use this service. That means keeping a finger on the pulse and familiarizing ourselves with the dozens of new plans and offers that are launched throughout the year, as well as the regular favourites that tend to be evergreen for the service providers.

What suppliers do we partner with?

Our goal is to make sure navigating the telecom market is as simple as possible. To achieve this, we must avoid overcrowding our product offering with all the suppliers available on the market. Instead, we have decided to opt for providing the most relevant information on renowned internet service providers and also simplifying our content through multiple categories such as “fastest internet plans”, “best internet plans”, etc. What we mean by “best” is those suppliers that excel in this particular field and have a sufficient customer base to be reliable.

We orientate, independently, our users to the suppliers we have a partnership with (with absolutely no capitalistic connection) and they compensate us through a commission-based model for the subscription or the transfer of a mobile/broadband contract. We, therefore, act as intermediaries for these partners that trust us with the management of admin of their future clients’ tasks.

Switcheroo and its mother company papernest only intervene as a third-party intermediary meaning we are not a party in the contract between the customer and the supplier in any way. In the event of a dispute between the subscriber and the supplier, papernest’s responsibility would therefore not be involved in such a situation.

The fact that these telecom service providers compensate papernest for each signed contract is the very business model of the company. It is what enables papernest to be 100% free for its users and the reason why we can offer our customers the same prices as the market prices.

How and why do we rank the different suppliers?

Switcheroo references and offers comparison tools for many suppliers. Our articles provide relevant information and objective answers independently of all ongoing partnerships. Nonetheless, on a phone call, we will prioritize our partners first because they are the only ones we can assist with, in terms of making a switch.

How do we build our price list?

For the sake of transparency, we detail here the method we use to display supplier prices on our websites.

For each supplier, we regularly investigate the product offering in order to keep the prices that we have available online, accurate and updated. Telecom companies are known for updating their plans & offers on a regular basis or launching new services, mainly due to the stiff competition in the market. We shall provide with all the updated prices and information as and when required.

In any case of price changes or plan updates, we also recommend you call our experts to have the latest & most up-to-date information.

Finally, prices also vary from one city to another. The prices shown on the website are therefore national averages.

Switcheroo service is 100% free for all customers (except the cost of a local phone call that will be invoiced by your phone operator).

We sincerely hope you enjoy your switching experience with us.

Updated on 22 Feb, 2022

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