The Switcheroo Team

We measure just how important internet plans can have an impact on one’s monthly spendings. This is why we have an entire team of people working hard on providing accurate and up-to-date information on every aspect of your broadband subscription. We also offer a free-to-use service that allows you to switch broadband suppliers with very little hassle.

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Charles GrosperrinCharles Grosperrin

Frenchman raised in Hong Kong, Charles is the skipper for the French and British marketing/content team. This passionate sportsman brings his technical expertise and know-how to ensure Switcheroo meets all of your needs.


William Dautel

William Dautel

Half French half kiwi, William oversees the websites for the UK and India. William joined Switcheroo after spending several years building content strategies in an advertising agency. He is committed to making the lives of many Indian and British households greener and easier.

Fateem Ahmed

Fateem Ahmed

Born in India, raised in Dubai and now working with us in Barcelona, Fateem is the latest
addition to our team at Papernest. He has been a part of the Switcheroo project from day one and ensures to provide you with all the latest information on the mobile and broadband internet updates in India.


Updated on 22 Feb, 2022

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