YOU Broadband – Provider of High-Speed Internet and Cable TV

YOU Broadband India Limited is regarded as one of the leading broadband service providers in India. It is a subsidiary of Vodafone that was first set up in 2001. Formerly known as YOU Broadband India Private Limited, it was founded by British Gas as Iqara Broadband.

YOU Broadband offers high-speed Internet and voice services to residential, small, and medium-sized enterprises, as well as corporations in 18 cities through various state-of-the-art delivery platforms. It employs around 2000 people and aims to double its talent in the coming two years as a part of its growth plan.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about YOU Broadband. From getting a connection set up to the different plans, pricing and bill payments, this article has all the information you need to know before getting a YOU broadband connection.

Last updated in: November 2022

YOU Broadband: Information

YOU Broadband has about 300 km of optic fiber cable and 17000 km of last-mile coaxial cable set up in various cities of India. It has invested around 4 billion to build a robust broadband cable connection in its 18 operational cities. YOU Broadband has also utilized its network to partner with companies like Motorola, Avaya, Commscope, Cisco, etc. In this way, YOU Broadband provides a world-class broadband connection to its users.

YOU Broadband services

YOU Broadband services are included in the various plans that are formulated. In its operational cities, the plans are deployed based on the connectivity requirement of the area. They provide Broadband, VoIP, and Enterprise solutions for customers.

  • The company ensures high-speed internet broadband deployment for residential, corporate and SME customers.
  • Its VoIP has a fixed landline device that uses the broadband connection to save around 75-80% cost of ISD calls.
  • The Enterprise solutions provide a dedicated Internet leased line for transferring large volumes of data.

Where is YOU Broadband available?

YOU Broadband is available in a large part of India, covering the following cities:

Ahmedabad Mumbai (and Navi Mumbai) Nashik
Pune Rajkot Navsari
Powai Surat Thane
Vadodara Vapi Valsad
Hyderabad Kakinada Vijayawada
Vizag Nagpur Aurangabad
Chennai Bangalore Gurgaon

Which average download and upload speeds does YOU Broadband offer?

YOU Broadband offers plans with speeds from 1 Mbps to 350 Mbps speed to residences and enterprises. However, in most cities, YOU Broadband provides average download and upload speeds ranging from 50-75 Mbps.

Why choose YOU Broadband?

YOU Broadband is considered an ideal choice for the following reasons:

  • Connection Availability: YOU Broadband is available in a major part of India and covers almost all the important cities. Therefore, its fiber-optic connection is largely accepted.
  • Quality of Bandwidth and Affordability: YOU Broadband provides decent internet connection facilities at comparatively cheap rates. Also, according to the needs of the customer, the services are wide-ranged and detailed.
  • Convenient Customer Care: The company provides customer-friendly care and technical support. It has set up various call centres at multiple locations and even extends help to customers through the YOU Broadband Mobile App.


YOU Broadband plans

All the plans provided by YOU Broadband are affordable and reasonable. They are divided into three categories of Unlimited Plan, Dual Speed Plans, and Data Plans.

What is the cheapest plan by YOU Broadband?

The FUP limits, costs, and services provided by each of them vary. The user can choose the cheapest plan depending on their requirements.

Unlimited 30 days 30 Mbps ₹472 Ahmedabad, Thane, Hyderabad, Navsari, Rajkot
Unlimited 30 days 40 Mbps ₹590 Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vadodara
Unlimited 30 days 10 Mbps ₹624 Valsad
Data Plans 360 days 10 Mbps/5 Mbps ₹4,800/₹3,100 Valsad
Data Plans 360 days 25 Mbps ₹ 5999 Vapi
Unlimited 30 days 20 Mbps/15 Mbps ₹699/₹674 Vapi

Most popular plans of YOU Broadband

YOU Broadband offers its services in several cities across India. Its Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased Line) is a premium-quality internet connectivity product. It guarantees 99% uptime, duplex bandwidth, and asymmetrical internet speed. All the plans offer dedicated internet access with high accessibility and scalability (depending upon the validity and price of the plan availed). However, for various cities, there are different sets of plans.

Popular YOU Broadband plans in Bangalore

Unlimited 50 ₹649 30 days
Unlimited 50 ₹1,947 95 days
Unlimited 50 ₹3,894 190 days
Unlimited 50 ₹7,788 380 days
Unlimited 100 ₹826 30 days
Unlimited 100 ₹2,478 95 days
Unlimited 100 ₹4,956 190 days
Unlimited 100 ₹9,912 380 days
Unlimited 200 ₹1,062 30 days
Unlimited 200 ₹3,186 95 days
Unlimited 200 ₹6,372 190 days
Unlimited 200 ₹12,744 380 days

Popular YOU Broadband plans in Pune

Unlimited 125 ₹ 1024 30 days
Unlimited 125 ₹ 3072 95 days
Unlimited 125 ₹ 6144 190 days
Unlimited 125 ₹ 12289 380 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 826 30 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 899 95 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 2697 190 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 5394 380 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 1146 30 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 3439 95 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 6876 190 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 13752 380 days
Unlimited 250 ₹ 1205 30 days
Unlimited 250 ₹ 3616 95 days
Unlimited 250 ₹ 7230 190 days
Unlimited 250 ₹ 14460 380 days
Unlimited 300 ₹ 2006 30 days
Unlimited 300 ₹ 6018 95 days
Unlimited 300 ₹ 12036 190 days
Unlimited 300 ₹ 24072 380 days
Unlimited 350 ₹ 2065 30 days
Unlimited 350 ₹ 6195 95 days
Unlimited 350 ₹ 12390 190 days
Unlimited 350 ₹ 24780 380 days

Popular YOU Broadband plans in Surat

Unlimited 50 ₹ 649 30 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 1947 95 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 3540 190 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 6372 380 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 708 30 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 2124 95 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 3894 190 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 7080 380 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 1062 30 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 3186 95 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 6018 190 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 11328 380 days

Popular YOU Broadband plans in Ahmedabad

Unlimited 50 ₹ 679 30 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 2036 95 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 4071 190 days
Unlimited 50 ₹ 8142 380 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 826 30 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 2478 95 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 4956 190 days
Unlimited 100 ₹ 9912 380 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 1062 30 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 3186 95 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 6372 190 days
Unlimited 200 ₹ 12744 380 days
Unlimited 40 ₹ 472 30 days
Unlimited 40 ₹ 1416 95 days
Unlimited 40 ₹ 2832 190 days
Unlimited 40 ₹ 5664 380 days
Unlimited 75 ₹ 738 30 days
Unlimited 75 ₹ 2213 95 days
Unlimited 75 ₹ 4425 190 days
Unlimited 75 ₹ 8850 380 days

YOU Broadband 200 Mbps plans compared to other ISP

YOU Broadband offers 200 Mbps at an affordable price of ₹1,062 including taxes with an FUP limit of 3.5 TB (the plan is applicable in almost all the cities that YOU Broadband operates in). It’s comparison with other ISPs is as follows.

Airtel XStream ₹999 (cheaper) 3.3 TB (low) OTT, unlimited voice calling
BSNL Bharat ₹1,277 (costlier) 3.3 TB (low) OTT, free landline/unlimited voice calling
Excitel ₹799 (Cheaper) None ** no extra installation costs **
ACT Fibernet ₹1,075 (costlier) 3.3 TB (low) ** only limited to Chennai **

Getting a YOU Broadband connection

Getting a YOU Broadband connection is simple. The interested user has to submit an application for a new connection. Then the connection will be processed for technical feasibility and area reach. To get a new YOU broadband connection, visit this link.

How to apply for YOU Broadband connection?

YOU Broadband has launched its YOU Broadband mobile app for its customers. Refer to the mobile app to apply for a new connection (or inquire regarding tech support), YOU Broadband plan upgrades, and bill payment.
The customers may also visit the website to enquire about broadband connections. Here’s a simple way of doing it.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Fill in the address and contact details.
  3. Submit the form
  4. Get the registration number and wait for a reply.

    What are the Installation costs for a YOU Broadband connection?

    The installation charges depend upon the data pack activated as well as its validity. Except for the 6-12 months plan, the installation charges for the packs are:

    • ₹349 for the 3-4 months plan (₹300 only if paid online)
    • ₹650 for the 1-2 months plan

    ➡️ You may also check your installation status here. Simply enter your mobile number or CRF number and submit.

    How to find out if YOU Broadband is available in your area?

    Here are the steps to find out YOU Broadband’s availability in your area:

    • Call the YOU Broadband call center or email. You can find the details here to enquire and confirm the same.
    • Alternatively, you can visit YOU Broadband website and go to ‘Select City’ under ‘Best High-Speed Unlimited Internet Plans.’ If your city is there, it means that YOU Broadband is available in that locality.

    How to improve YOU Broadband speed?

    To improve your internet surfing experience with YOU Broadband:

    • Consider a wired network instead of Wifi.
    • Disconnect all other devices connected to the network.
    • Clear all temporary files from your laptop.
    • Look for Malware, and if any, and remove it.
    • Switch the DNS parameters to see how they affect the performance.

    How to check YOU Broadband usage?

    Here are a couple of steps to check YOU Broadband usage.

    1. Log on to the website or through the mobile app.
    2. Head to ‘My Account.’ The details will be available on the home screen.


    How to make bill payment for YOU Broadband?

    To make a payment for YOU Broadband, there are three simple payment options available. The customer has to pay only after their address has been verified and the plans are selected.

    YOU Broadband – Online bill payment

    Steps for online bill payment:

    1. Visit the website
    2. Click on ‘My Account’.
    3. Fill in the YOU Broadband login credentials.
    4. Then, select ‘Renew Now’.
    5. Click on Net Banking/Credit Card.
    6. You will be redirected to the payment gateway and then follow the process.


    YOU Broadband – Payment via app

    Steps for online payment via an app:

    1. Go on to the My Accounts tab in the mobile app.
    2. Navigate to Upgrade My Account.
    3. Select a New Package or Renew this Package.
    4. Complete the online payment process.


    YOU Broadband – Offline bill payment

    The offline account renewal or payment happens via cash or cheque. For that, the customer has to:

    • Call the YOU Broadband call center of the particular location to request payment collection.
    • Within 48 hours, a collection executive will come to collect the payment.


    How to check YOU Broadband bill?

    The customer can check their YOU Broadband bill details by logging in to their YOU Broadband account:-

    1. Log on to the website or through the mobile app.
    2. Head to ‘My Account.’ The details will be available on the home screen.


    YOU broadband customer care

    YOU Broadband has ensured their customers a 24/7 service. Thus, call centres are set up in every location in the cities where they operate in. Customers may call, leave a message, or email their queries. They will be reverted soon.

    YOU Broadband – Customer care contact information

    Besides the city-wise contact number and address of offices, there is common customer care contact information:

    • Mobile/Landline Number: +91 212 91212 / 1800121222
    • Email ID:


    Customer care information by cities

    For contacting YOU Broadband for complaints or enquiries, the customer care contact numbers for various cities (where YOU Broadband connection is available) are given below:

    YOU Broadband complaint center

    There are three ways to lodge a complaint in YOU Broadband:

    1. Call or email (, or find details here.
    2. Send an SMS like this to 7065111146 or 9115122250: SERVE(space)Account number/username.
    3. Log in to YOU Broadband account (either through the web or mobile app)
      – Click on the support menu.
      – View the available engineers in your location and confirm and get real-time support.
      – If no engineer is available at the time of complaint registration, the system will automatically schedule requests.



    How to disconnect YOU Broadband connection?

    Visit the YOU Broadband website for filling details in the Contact Us section or reach out through calls/emails.

    What is the Fair Usage Policy?

    Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is a limit that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have imposed on the upload and download speeds of the internet for a user. When the limit is crossed, the internet speed slows down.

    How to get a refund with YOU Broadband?

    Steps to get a refund from YOU Broadband:
    1) Call or email or connect to YOU Broadband via the website, visit the 'Contact Us' page and fill in the necessary details.
    2) Refunds will be made after adjusting the dues within a stipulated time.

    How to reset YOU Broadband password?

    1. Go
    2. Click on My Account and log in using your user name and password
    3. Select password change, and save the new password.

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